Monday, November 30, 2015

Floods and Feasts

Flooded Ghana apartment bathroom.

Thanksgiving feast.

Our cute neighbors.

Dearest Family and Friends,
          I hope you all had a super great Thanksgiving! It was an absolutely crazy week for us here in Koforidua! We had many wonderful lessons this week. I enjoyed the time we got to spend in Nkurakan with the humble people who live there. We are looking to baptize a few of them very soon! Almost everyone we approach is willing to give us a seat and to listen to our message. Now we just need to get more of those people reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. In the last few weeks we have had several people comment to us that they love our church because we are all about asking and answering questions. That is how we gain a testimony. We have a question, so we turn to God for an answer. It was because of a young boy with a question that the church has been restored to the earth today. What a blessing to have a loving Heavenly Father who wants to answer us. 
          Now for the craziness. Our septic tank has been full for a while now, so we have a lake in our bathroom hallway and it smells pretty awful. Nothing much to do about that one. Then on Thursday morning our kitchen sink also started leaking. We were able to get the water shut off before we left for the day. When we got back to the apartment everything was still fine. We had to cancel Thanksgiving for a day though. Friday morning I woke up and noticed some lights were left on. Turns out that was a tender mercy. When I got up to turn them off I discovered the kitchen sink was spewing water and the kitchen was a swimming pool. We spent an hour working on it and managed to shut the water off again. When we woke up in the morning the pipe we used to shut the water off had cracked and was spraying water out everywhere. We bailed out water for a few hours until the repairman came and saved us. It was quite comical looking back on it. 
          Don't worry. Friday night we finally had our Thanksgiving feast. It was amazing! The most American meal I have had since arriving in Ghana. We ate most of the classics. We even bought some ice cream which almost made me start crying. It was a nice way to celebrate our kitchen sink being fixed. It made me much more grateful for running water and for people who know how to fix a leak. I will always remember this Thanksgiving! And of course I spent a good deal of time reflecting on how grateful I am for each of you.
          I pray that you all have an awesome week. It's time to start preparing for Christmas!! I love and miss you all. Sorry to those I wasn't able to respond to this week. Make good choices.

Love, Elder Radmall

Questions from Kurt:
Q. Do all of the homes have toilets?
Most of them having something that can pass as a toilet.
Q. What happens when nature calls and you're out among the masses?
I hold it like a champion!
Q. What food has made you sick?
I bought some rice and stew a while ago that gave me the runs for a few days.
Q. What habit does your companion have that you wouldn't lose too much sleep if he didn't have?
He is obsessed with cats and always wants to pick them up.
Q. Do people want you to marry their daughter and bring her home?
Yes. Lots of people.
Q. Do you want to marry someone's daughter and bring her home?
Not yet. I will keep you updated.
Q. Which sibling do you miss the most?
Obviously you. (don't worry other siblings, that's a lie)

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. What did you eat for your Thanksgiving feast?
We had chicken, yams and gravy, sweet potatoes (thanks mom), carrots cooked in brown sugar, and some delicious potato soup.
Q. Did you have any desserts this week?
We bought ourselves ice cream to enjoy with a pack of mint m and m's. Amazing!
Q. What was the best lesson you had this week?
We are teaching a pastor named Moses, and we were able to bear testimony to him of the Book of Mormon. The spirit was there and he committed to read.
Q. What was the temple like inside? Did it have African decor and themes? 
It was beautiful! It does have some African decor and themes. They have a lot of great paintings, many of which I had never seen before.
Q. What part of Ghana do most of the temple workers come from?
Q. Are you relieved that your toe surgery is scheduled?
Yes. I want my toe back.
Q. What was the highlight of your week?
Definitely when our sink stopped leaking so we could enjoy our feast.
Q. How are you sleeping at night there? Is it easy for you to sleep or are you too hot/uncomfortable? 
I am so tired every night that I just fall right asleep. It is pretty hot though. I usually wake up sweating.
Q. What did you learn this week?
I learned that I need to be more patient and kind with those around me, especially other missionaries.

Questions from mom:
Q. How is your toe and when is your operation scheduled?
My foot is good! I performed my own small surgery and removed most of the bad toenail. They will still have to operate to remove the root though. We will leave tomorrow night.

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