Monday, November 23, 2015

Giving Thanks!

 At the bead market.
 Attending the Accra temple.
With Benson

Dear Family and Friends,
          What a great week to be alive! I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. There is no greater work. I can't pretend that I have found it easy to do, but it is worth every second. Right now we are working with an investigator we have had for nearly four months. He just recently started coming to church and we hope to baptize him in early December! It's funny to teach him because he loves to talk about politics and how corrupt Ghana is. We are also preparing two sisters from Nkurakan for baptism in December. 
          This week I had a great surprise. On Wednesday I got a text that I was to travel to Accra on Thursday to attend the temple!!! Wow! Myself and six other missionaries in our mission got to go to the Accra temple for the first time. It was beautiful and enlightening. President Heid even came with us for the session. I love the temple and the peace that can be felt there. While in Accra I was also able to buy Mr. Kruger's Christmas which I am super excited about.
          This week is Thanksgiving. I want all of you to know how grateful I am for you. I would not be where I am right now without my beloved friends and family. I feel of your love and your prayers. I want all of you to know that the Savior lives and He has suffered for each of us. Try to remember Him this week as you celebrate Thanksgiving. Without Him there would be nothing to give thanks for.
          I love all of you and hope that you have a great week. Make good choices and eat a lot of turkey.

Love, Elder Radmall

Questions from Mom:
How is your toe?  Have you had surgery?
I am on an antibacterial medication.  My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 2.
Q. What did you do on your p-day?
I went to the bead market today and bought some sweet stuff for cheap! The guy was drunk who sold it to me, so I feel kind of bad. They have beads, necklaces, and bracelets of every color and size. The stuff I was most interested in were the wood carvings. Awesome masks and animals. We will go to a family home evening tonight and then clean around our apartment. 
Q. We will be having pie for Thanksgiving.  I know you hate pie.  What dessert will you miss?
I think when I get home from Ghana I will enjoy all of those foods I used to hate, including pie. Right now that sounds heavenly.

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this week?
You know it! We have a feast planned for that night.
Q. How is your companion doing?
Great! He is a super missionary and I love him.
Q. What's the weather like in Ghana this week?
Hot, hot and hotter.
Q. What are the houses made out of there and what do they look like on the outside?
They are mostly made of cement blocks with tin roofs. The outsides are usually covered in peeling paint.
Q. How often do you travel to other surrounding cities during the week?
We go to Nkurakan twice a week and Huhunya once a week.
Q. How often do you eat in members homes?
Not all that often. Maybe once a week.
Q. What was the best part about your week?
Seeing people continue to progress in the Gospel and even come to church!
Q. What was the hardest part about your week?
We had quite a few lessons fall through, but God blessed us to meet with those He had prepared.
Q. For Thanksgiving this week, what are the things your are most grateful for? 
I am most grateful for the Gospel, my friends an family (especially you mom and dad), and above all else for my Savior. What more could I ever need?
Q. Do you know how awesome you are and that we love you the most!?
Awwww! I love you guys more.

Questions from Christie
Q. Again, what made you laugh this week?
When our clothesline snapped and all of the clothes I spent two hours washing fell in the mud. Hahaha
Q. Did you see anymore interesting or exciting insects or animals?
I saw some cool birds with orange beaks this morning. They were too far away to get a pic.
Q. Did you continue to teach the 3 ladies this week?
Yes. Two of them are one track for baptism Dec. 5.
Q. What inspired you this week?
Reading through the conference talks from last month. What wonderful messages!
Q. What was your favorite scripture this week?
Helaman 5:12 Read it!

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