Monday, November 9, 2015

Recent Converts

 Bryan and his companion and roomies in their new African clothes, with 
Sister Janet and Sister Rosslyn (she bought the fabric.)
 African clothes.
 Selfie in the jungle.
New investigators, Sampson and Cedric.

Dear family and friends,
          It was a great week in the Lord's vineyard. I want to give an update on our recent converts. 
-Brother Joshua (baptized a couple months ago, lives in Huhunya, 58) is outstanding. He is old and tired, but still he works so hard and attends church each Sunday. He even gave us a pineapple this week. I love that guy! 
-Brother Dennis (baptized about a month ago, lives in Nkurakan, 26) is a great member and missionary. He constantly gives us referrals. He is originally from the Ivory Coast, but he is in Ghana to look after his mother. He loves to joke around with us and hopes to serve a mission after his one year mark as a member.
-Brother Douglas (baptized last week, lives in Koforidua, 68) is the sweetest old man. He has expressed to us on several occasions how much the Gospel has changed his life. I can see that he is happier in following the Savior. He is so dedicated that he even comes to cleaning every Saturday morning!
          We continue to be blessed with many people to teach and share the message of the Restoration with. The people of Ghana are so well prepared for the word of God. I love teaching them. I especially love their prayers. They pray so humbly and fervently that I sometimes worry the ground will start shaking.
          Last week I wrote about us killing Mighty Mouse. This week I am writing about Mighty Mouse Jr. That's right, there is another mouse on the lose in our apartment. I got to go on exchanges with the other elders in our apartment this week. It was fun to go out with them. Elder Bodily and I have too much fun with each other. I got a sweet new outfit this week! Real African clothing. Dear Sister Rosslyn bought fabric for us to make the clothes. I can't wait to walk around in those bad boys when I get home. I also got to watch two sessions of General Conference in our branch! I finally got to see conference... but it was all in Twi. Ah well. I will just have to read the articles in the Ensign mom sent me. 
          This week I am grateful for the wonderful doctors and hospitals in America. My poor niece, Mazie, is very sick, but I know that she is receiving great care. My prayers are with the Walker family!
          That is all for this week. As always, thanks for your continued love and support. I need all of it. I hope that all of you will have a great week full of striving to be like the Savior. One quick scripture before I go. In 3 Nephi 12:6 the Savior teaches that those who seek after righteousness shall be blessed with the Holy Ghost in their lives. I would encourage each of you to look for some way that you can "hunger and thirst after righteousness" this week. I will do the same. I love you all!
Love, Elder Radmall

Questions from TeriAnn
Q. How is your foot?
It's good! I hope that no one is worrying over it too much. I can still walk and bike alright. It just looks gross.
Q. What did you do that was fun this week?
Honestly, cooking has become one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy working in the kitchen. So I guess making stews and pancakes is what I did that was fun.
Q. What was the highlight of your week?
Having flocks of children run up shouting "O Brohni!" (white man). Haha I love the kids here.
Q. Who is your favorite investigator right now?
We are teaching a sweet woman named Comfort. She is so kind to us. Sadly her legs have been swollen all week, so she can't come to church! We are also teaching a man named P.K. who is always drunk. Haha he is so funny.
Q. What are you looking forward to this week?
I am looking forward to meeting with our recent converts. Their faith always strengthens my own.
Q. What is the next holiday in Ghana? What was the last holiday?
I don't know. The only things they really know how to celebrate here in Ghana are funerals and weddings.
Q. What was the best thing you ate this week?
Last night we had pasta with some delicious stew (made by yours truly). Then we fried some plantain to put on top. Yum!

Questions from Mom:
Q. Who cuts your hair?
There is some guy close to our apartment who I always go to. He spends like an hour on my hair and it only costs me four cedis (a little over one dollar)! 
Q. Do you need me to send you mouse traps?
Ha! Elder Bodily and I don't need traps. We are true Africans now.
Q. Have you been using your sunscreen?
Haha that is good. I am sunburned. I use my sunscreen almost every day, but occasionally I forget and I pay for it.

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