Monday, December 7, 2015

A Week Of Tender Mercies!

 Me With Kwame And His Sister
 The Mission Home
Missionary Activity With Missionaries From Accra

Dear Family and Friends, 

         On Tuesday Elder Itepu and I were blessed with the chance to travel to the mission home. The whole place is decked out with Christmas lights! I love it. The Heids even invited us into their living quarters where Sister Heid really went all out.  We were especially grateful that we got to enter the temple on Tuesday for an endowment session.  I loved the peace and clarity I felt there.  I definitely received the answers to some questions that have been on my mind.  On Wednesday morning a member of our branch was going through the temple for his first time.  We were blessed a second time when President Heid let us go through with him. At the same time the MTC was sending missionaries to take out their endowments. We were in a session with about 15 missionaries preparing to head all over Africa. How cool is that? Two sessions in one week!! Wow!  

          After the temple I had a very successful surgery on my ingrown toenail.  Dr. Hill stuck some giant needles into my toe (it hurt quite a bit) to numb it. Then he cut off a third of my toe nail and applied some chemicals to kill the roots. It looks quite nasty. Thursday we jumped back into the work and saw our wonderful people.  I loved the teaching opportunities we were blessed with, and I was equally grateful for the learning opportunities we had as we looked for ways to improve as missionaries.  Two sisters (Victoria and Fostina) we planned to baptize on Saturday unfortunately didn't come to church yesterday.  This week we will meet with them to find any concerns they may have so that we can get a new baptismal date for them!  Overall it was a wonderful week for the Koforidua area.

          Today the Adenta zone (in Accra) came to Koforidua for some games. It was awesome and we enjoyed some fufu afterwards. Do I need to send home more pictures of the food here? Let me know. They finally fixed our toilet!!! It was exciting. Our sewage tank was totally filled up. It smelt awful while they were emptying it. Finally, when it was all empty, they discovered that a pipe on our toilet was in fact leaking. So we continued to have water in our hallway for a couple of days. A plumber came on Saturday and hammered out our entire wall to fix the problem. Now our toilet is totally fixed... for now. I am very grateful for people who know how to fix toilets because without them we would be in a really crappy situation (pun for my dad). 

          I am so grateful for this wonderful season. Although the people of Ghana don't really seem to get all that excited about Christmas, I can feel myself changing as we approach December 25 (like my increased need for sugar). I am so glad to be able to rejoice with God's children around the world that indeed He gave His only begotten for all of us. I know that the Savior was born over two thousand years ago. Because of Him we may all achieve life eternal.

          I love you all and pray that you have an amazing week full of celebration. Make good choices!

Elder Radmall

Questions from Mother
Q: Are you able to listen to your Christmas music?  How do you like the selections?
A: Sadly, the type of thumb drive you sent (sandisk) is the only type that doesn't work on 
    their speakers here.
Q: How did your surgery go?  What is the doctor like who performed the surgery?
A: Super well! Dr. Hill is an old man from Canada. He is funny and very kind.
Q: Is your septic tank fixed – can you now use the bathroom?
A: Yes and yes!
Q: If eating ice cream makes you want to cry, why don’t you get it more often?  Is it price? 
    Cause I will pay for it!!
A: Haha okay! We will do that.

Questions from TeriAnn
Q: How's the toe doing?
A: Super!
Q: Is your apartment dried up from the nasty flood?
A: Yes, thank heavens.
Q: Did you see a rainbow after the flood? I hope so, as a sign that you won't see another 
    flood like it again in Ghana. Yuck!
A: Haha I wish. I should draw one on our bathroom wall.
Q: What is Christmas like in Ghana? How do they celebrate?
A: They really don't know how to celebrate Christmas. The only lights I have seen were at 
    the mission home. I think they just eat a lot of food on Christmas day. That's good I 
Q: What was the best part about your week?
A: Going to the temple!!
Q: Who is your favorite person in Ghana/your mission right now?
A: I love President and Sister Heid. They are such kind and loving people.
Q: What moment would you have like to take out of your week this week?
A: Realizing that I have another ingrown toenail. Haha... haha... ha
Q: Do you know I love you more than words can ever say and that you are one amazing 
A: Awe!!! Thanks. I love you too.
Q: What will your apartment do on Christmas? 
A: We will make another huge feast and eat ice cream and candy! And we will have 
    peppermint hot cocoa and Christmas music.
Q: Who helped clean up your apartment after the flood?
A: We did most of it. Brother Francis, who is over the apartments in our area, helped a lot 
     as well.
Q: Do wards in Ghana have Ward Christmas parties? 
A: Yes! But you have to pay 10 cedis. I think missionaries are free though.

Questions from Christie
Q: Do you have any new "pets" at your apartment this week?
A: Nope. We still have some mice though!
Q: Did you eat anything disgusting this week?
A: Not really. I quite like all of their food here, and I'm a pretty amazing cook. Just saying.
Q: How is your toe?
A: Lovely!
Q: What made you laugh this week?
A: Children saying funny things and running inside of our apartment.
Q: Are you still living in sewage (please say no!)?
A: No!
Q: What did you study in the scriptures this week?
A: I am reading in Ether right now. It is crazy to see how quickly people can turn to 
    wickedness and lose their blessings from God.
Q: Who is your favorite sibling (you don't have to answer everyone knows it's me ;))?
A: No comment...

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