Monday, February 29, 2016

The Lion and the Lamb

 No Bake Cookies
 My lunch on most days.
 Our investigator's soccer team.
Ghanian Wedding

Dear Family and Friends,
          It was a very hot and yet beautiful week in Koforidua.  Elder Itepu and I tried to follow up with all of the new investigators we found last week.  Sadly, almost all of them seemed to have disappeared!  Their phones weren't working, they weren't home, or they refused to meet with us.  It was hard to see so many people missing out on the wonderful message we carry, but perhaps the Lord's plan for those people is different than ours.  We will continue to seek for those whom the Lord has prepared to accept the Gospel. 
          Time for my weird and random thought. This week in my studies I was thinking a lot about two animals often mentioned in the scriptures. The lion and the lamb. The lion is used as a symbol of courage and valor. The lamb on the other hand symbolizes meekness and submitting to the will of the master. In Psalms we read that the "righteous are bold as a lion." In John the Savior labeled His disciples when He told Peter to "feed (his) lambs." As followers of Jesus Christ, how can we be both lions and lambs? The two don't exactly seem to go together. But I can say that we can and must be both a lion and a lamb when it comes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need the courage to submit to our master's will. Abraham showed great courage as he went to obey the Lord's commandment to sacrifice his own son (in place of a lamb). Daniel was brave as he put his life at risk in order to submit to God in prayer (and he was saved from the lions). The greatest example is, of course, the Savior. Known as both the "Lion of Judah" and the "Lamb of God", Jesus Christ had the strength and valor to do all that His father asked of Him. This week I am going to try to be more lion-hearted by submitting like a lamb to our Heavenly Father.
          Sorry for the long and strange thought. It happens. This week I made no-bake cookies. They were sooo good, but they never fully dry in Ghana. Oh well. I like gooey cookies. I also attended my first ever Ghanaian wedding at our church. It was pretty sweet. The ceremony was pretty similar to what you might see in in America, but the after party was not. It was a LOT of bright colors with speakers blasting music at the highest volume. I am convinced that the people of Ghana are trying to go deaf. They served a nice lunch of rice and salad, and they even had cake! It was fun.
          Otherwise it was just a good old missionary week in Ghana. I love doing the work of the Lord. I know He is there and He loves us. Have a super week and know that I love and miss you all!!
Elder Radmall

Questions from Mom:
Q. How is your toe?
Super! It looks normal again.
Q. How often do you speak in church?
Only once so far. 
Q. Do you teach the gospel essentials class for new converts?
Yeah. We rotate it.
Q. What was the most powerful moment in a lesson this week?
I loved teaching the young men this week. We talked about adversity and why we have it. I testified that the Savior can help them through any trial.
Q. How did you feel God’s hand in your life this week?
I felt His hand this week as He helped me to find joy. Even in the hard times this week I was happy. 
Q. What made you laugh this week?
Shooting people with my bow and arrow. (His nerf bow and arrow!!)

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. What was your favorite thing you studied this week?

Lions and lambs.
Q. Have you celebrated any African holidays recently?
No, but the sixth of March is their independence day!
Q. What are you looking forward to this week and this month?
Learning how to cook some new dishes from Elder Sarkodie in our apartment.
Q. What do you love getting in packages or would you love to get in packages?

Anything with sugar. I love sugar!

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