Monday, February 15, 2016

Safe for a little longer!!

Chefs cooking dinner.
 Bryan's banana bread.
 Delicious Dinner
 Beautiful Tree
 The most common lizard here.
 Apartment main room.
Porcelain throne.

Dear family and friends,
          How are you all doing?? Hopefully great. I know I am just splendid. It was a lovely week here in Koforidua. This week is transfer week, and guess what? I am safe for another transfer!! It looks like the Lord wants to keep me in Koforidua a little longer. I'm okay with that. This place has become my second home. It will be a sad day when I have to leave these great people. 
          This week was full of treats! How appropriate in honor of Valentine's Day. On Monday night our whole district went to brother Francis' house to cook fried rice and chicken. It was so good! I even made banana bread for dessert, although no one really had room left. Brother Francis' wife, Sister Evenlyn, had a baby girl just a few weeks ago. She is so cute and has lots of black hair on her head. 
          Now for treat number two! On Wednesday our whole zone crowded into a trotro (like 20 people in a car built for maybe 12) and headed to Accra for a devotional with Elder Vinson. He is the first counselor in our area presidency. This week he conducted a mission tour in our mission. His instruction to us was so inspired. I loved every minute of it. Our district was fortunate enough to be able to perform for him. We sang "I Need Thee Every Hour". I even sang the tenor part all by myself. Mr. Taylor taught me well. One of my favorite parts was the discussion we had about prayer. We studied the story of Enos in the Book of Mormon and how it applies to us. He started out praying for himself. Once his own sins were forgiven he quickly became concerned with the welfare of his fellow Nephites and he began to pray for them as well. Finally, his prayers turned to those who hated him. Enos realized that his prayers weren't just about him. In fact prayer is about so much more. Prayer is intended to be a way for us to align our own will with that of our Heavenly Father. Just as the Savior said in perhaps the greatest of prayers ever offered, "Not my will, but thine be done." 
          Here is my funny/embarrassing story for the week. On Sunday morning I got all dressed up for the day with my brand new pants and my nice shoes. I was looking great! I was in a bit of a hurry to get to church as we were late for a meeting. As I came flying around a corner my handlebar hit a sign post. CRASH!!! From the dust I was formed, and to the dust I returned. My clothes were totally covered in dirt. We had to go back to the apartment so I could change. I learned my lesson. Next time I will let my companion go first. The rest of our Valentine's Day was great though. Everyone was wearing red at church. I made sure to eat lots of sweets. Sister Rosslyn even bought us some small cakes to celebrate. She spoils us too much.
          I know that God loves all of His children perfectly. Because of that love He sent His only begotten to this earth. I know that the Savior lived and died to redeem mankind. His life and death were the ultimate acts of true love. We are never beyond their help. Their arms are ever stretched out to embrace us in our times of need. I love you all so much and I hope that you have a wonderful week. Happy Valentine's/President's Day!!
Elder Radmall

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. How did you celebrate Valentine’s day?
With lots of candy, popcorn, cake, and a nice dinner. The little boy who lives by us especially loved the conversation hearts mom sent me.
Q. What was the highlight of your week?
Meeting with Elder Vinson in Accra. So inspiring!
Q. Do you have transfers this week?
Yep! But I am safe!
Q. How was church this week?
It was great. I am always grateful to be able to take the sacrament.
Q. What was your favorite lesson this week?
We met with a new investigator. As we started the lesson he told us he was searching for peace in his life. We were able to clearly teach him how he can have that peace through the Gospel. The Spirit was so strong.
Q. What was your favorite day this week and why?
Sunday. It was a very peaceful Sabbath, and I got to enjoy some candy as well. :)
Q. What was the weirdest thing you saw this week?
An old woman dragging a goat by a leash.
Q. Do any of the areas in your mission have cars?
No. The AP's and the Office Elders drive cars though.   

Questions from Momma:
Q. Do you actually get 30 emails each week?  Who from?
Around that. From family, friends, my mission president, and other missionaries.
Q. What new food did you try this week?
None. But I did have some pizza today for the first time in months!
Q. Did your arms ache after using a machete?
YES! It was hard work, but it felt so cool.
Q. Do you have a new senior couple in Koforidua?
Yep. Elder and Sister Taylor. They are great. Elder Taylor is very quiet, but he is super hard working. He reminds me of Grandpa Terry.
Q. Did your package come?
Yes. Thank you so sooo much. 
Q. When did you feel the spirit this week?       
In our devotional with Elder Vinson. The room was full of the spirit. I loved it!

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