Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 16!!

Elder Itepu

Ghanian Rainstorm

Pineapple and fruit smoothie.

Dear Family and Friends,
          So much to write and so little time to do it! I received my wonderful package from home! It was the best! I am enjoying my mister fans, and the lemonade packets are divine. I also got a picture from sweet Maggie which made me smile. I have come to the realization that I have a serious drinking problem. Back home I drank less than one liter of water a day. Here, I force myself to drink between three and a half to four and a half liters a day. Then I sweat pretty much every drop of it. On Friday I decided we needed smoothies in our apartment. So we froze some pineapple got some bananas, juice, and a strawberry dessert, and blended it all up. It was amazing with the fresh Ghanaian fruit! This week we had a lot of awesome storms with powerful wind and deafening thunder. We were out proselyting in the bush when one such storm came. We had to wait under our investigators porch for about an hour and a half before we could walk around. I thought the house would be blown away! This week I had to say another very hard goodbye. Elder Johnson, my MTC companion and dear friend, was transferred to Accra this week. Fortunately I got to make him pancakes before he left.
          We had a great experience this week. A man named Douglass randomly started showing up at church a few weeks ago. We were introduced to him and got to begin teaching. He loved and agreed with everything we said, and I could tell the spirit was teaching him. He has progressed so quickly that we were able to set a baptismal date for him this Sunday! I am way excited! This will be Elder Itepu's first baptism in the field! Another interesting experience this week was teaching some white people from New York. They are staying with a family in our branch, and we were invited along with two sisters to teach them. For once the investigators could understand me, and not my companion. 
          As I read over some of the letters from my friends serving missions yesterday night, I realized that my mission really isn't what I expected in so many ways. At first, this was discouraging to me. Why am I in the middle of Africa adjusting to some strange culture and not serving somewhere I know better. Then I realized that my mission has been exactly what I have needed each day. It may not always be what I expect, but it is just what God knows I should be experiencing right now. And I know that is true of all of us. Whatever we are going through may not be what we expected, but it's what God knows will allow us to become more like him.
          This week I am grateful for dishwashers. What a wonderful invention! You can eat, throw your dishes in some magic machine, and then go sit on the couch and take a nap. How cool!
          Thanks for all you wonderful people continue to do for me. I love you all and hope that your week is fantastic! I love my Savior and I know that He lives and loves us too.

Love, Elder Radmall

Questions from Mom
Q. How much did you have to pay in duties for your package?  I am so glad you liked it!!
I had to pay 90 cedis unfortunately. ($23) Apparently that's a real rip off from what I heard.
Q. Were you able to make peanut butter cookies?
I am saving them! And I want to find some way to actually cook them.
Q. How many investigators are you teaching right now?
We have 12 progressing investigators and maybe 17 we are working with.
Q. Have you had your surgery yet on your toe?  (Photo???) (He sent a photo.  Don't think I will post it.)
Not yet.
Q. So, armies of ants, doom for writing your name in red ink – what else might we find interesting about Ghana?
They are obsessed with fried food. I am amazed that I don't way 300 lbs. yet. Fried rice, fried plantain, fried chicken, fried yams. It is crazy!
Q. How do you get rid of your garbage?
Haha we put it in a pile outside the apartment and the lady next door burns it every morning.

Questions from TeriAnn
Q. What was the most fun thing you did this week?
We had a party today for Sister Christelle, who is going home on Friday. We had nice rice and a delicious purple drink.
Q. What was yur happiest moment this week?
When Brother Douglass quickly agreed to be baptized!
Q. What are you most grateful for this week?
That we can receive revelation from God. So many people don't know that. What a great truth.
Q. How is your new companion this week? 
He is great. He is an excellent missionary and teacher.
Q. How are you feeling?
I am actually feeling pretty wonderful. God is still pouring out His Spirit upon me. How can you be all that down when you know God is with you?

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