Monday, October 5, 2015

Change Around the Corner

The city of Koforidua

The jungle

Branch hike

Cocoa tree (the source of all chocolate!!

The Accra Temple

Dear Family and Friends,
          Life is just soooo good! Not easy, but worth every second. I have had a fantastic week. I have been in a far better mood than the week before. Brother Deny continues coming to church and we plan to baptize him next Sunday! I am super excited! A lot has happened this week, and I think even more will happen in the week to come. For starters, my beloved companion is going home next Tuesday. I was feeling rather below the task of leading a new companion around our area. Then they made me even more unsure by asking me to train! Some poor kid, fresh out of the MTC, will have to suffer wandering around the streets of Koforidua with me. Nevertheless, I am excited and humbled by the opportunity. Elder Bodily, who was in my MTC district, is currently living in my apartment. He will also be training. This means that no one in our apartment will have been on their mission for more than three months. Yikes! Haha pray for us. I have never been a big fan of change. It is something that has always scared me. But this week I have come to realize that the Plan of Salvation requires change. It is all about relying upon the Savior and His Atonement. As we do so, our hearts are changed that we can progress and become closer to our Father in Heaven. What a blessing to be able to experience so much good change in our lives!  (Bryan has also been asked to serve as district leader.  I think he would appreciate prayers to help him in this new responsibility.)
          Sadly I didn't get to watch General Conference this week, but from what I have heard I should look forward to it. I did, however, get to travel to Accra for a Trainer's Council. We heard from both President and Sister Heid. They even provided us with a delicious lunch! Speaking of lunch, last night for dinner I made some superb onion rice with an excellent vegetable stir fry. Yum! It's the little things that keep us going. This week I have a lot of FMs ( Free Meals) to look forward to seeing as how my companion is going home. I won't complain about that. The weather here in Ghana feels hotter each day, but you just learn to accept the fact that your whole body will always be covered in sweat. Most people don't seem to judge me for it.
          This week I am grateful for a living prophet. Although I did not get to watch conference just yet, I know that President Thomas S. Monson is called of God to receive revelation for everyone on the earth today. I love and sustain him. I know that as we listen to his council we can not go astray. How blessed we are to have him.
          That's all from me for the week. A HUGE congratulations to Nick and Savannah and Kurt and Kelli on their new babies! What great additions to the family. I can't wait to hug them when I get home. I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. I hope that you have a wonderful week. The church is true!
          Love, Elder Radmall

 Questions from mom
Q. Did you get to listen to any sessions of conference?
No. :(
Q. Is your cold gone?
Q. Has your package come yet?
Yes! Thank you so much. I have already been enjoying the contents.

Questions from TeriAnn
Q. Do you live in an apartment complex? 
Nope. We live in an apartment totally surrounded by trees. It's awesome.
Q. What American foods do you buy there?
I buy a LOT of green peppers, carrots, and imported bananas (they have bananas grown here, but they aren't as good). I also have my delicious pancakes on occasion. Other American food is too expensive with the money I get.
Q. What is your favorite Ghanaian thing to buy, Something that you cannot get here?
Um... I guess just Ghanaian food. That's where most of my money goes.
Q. What is your favorite place to be on your mission so far?
In members homes. I always feel so comfortable and welcome there.

Questions from Christie
Q. What made you laugh this week? 
Sitting with some return missionaries and listening to their crazy stories about Nigeria. It sounds like a pretty scary place.
Q. What conference talk did you feel was meant just for you? 
I will tell you when I hear them!
Q. Can you take a picture of the sunset for me?
Of course! 
Q. What are you studying in the scriptures?
Right now I am focusing on the Book of Mormon. I recently finished Isaiah, which is awesome!
Q. What is the hardest question you have been asked by an investigator?
We had some Jehovah's Witnesses who wanted to know why we pay tithing. They say tithing was only intended to support the Levites because they didn't work. The Spirit helped us to answer them pretty well though I think.

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