Monday, September 28, 2015

Climbing Mountains

Hello wonderful friends and family!
          Once again, a huge thank you to all of you who take time to write to me and to pray for me. I so need these letters each week, and I assure you that your prayers are felt. What a blessing to have such great support. 
          This week was a hard one, but it was a good one and I have learned and grown a lot! The people of Ghana are such an example to me. They have so little, and yet they are always grateful to God for what He has blessed them with. They teach me that I need to be more grateful for what I have been given. This week I suffered due to an ingrown toenail. It is a rather painful experience that I don't recommend to anyone. But I removed the bad part and it's healing. 
          Brother Deny continues to progress and even came to church for his second time! I really think the guy has a desire to be baptized and I look forward to that day! We are teaching some great families that I think could become very strong and faithful in the church. Our branch needs more families like that. On Wednesday we went to Brother Joshua's Plantain farm thinking we were going to help. Instead he just gave us a huge thing of plantains (like a cross between bananas and potatoes) and sent us on our way. I love that guy. He continues to sacrifice each Sunday to travel half an hour to church. The work here is progressing and I am loving it!
          Today we are having a district activity. Pancakes in the morning followed by hiking up a mountain. I hiked up that same mountain on Saturday for a branch health walk. It is so sweet! It's just like being in a movie! This is like serious jungle.
          This week I am grateful for my awesome dad. A happy late birthday to him. He has always been there for me. He is so funny and fun to be around. I miss watching movies and going on road trips with him. He is so hard working and dedicated to his family. I love you dad!
          I am out of time for the day, so know that I love and miss you all. The Savior lives and is there for you! Have a wonderful week.

Love, Elder Radmall

Questions from TeriAnn
Q. What is your favorite Ghanaian treat? 
Rock cakes!
Q. What do the kids do for fun there?
Soccer, soccer, and more soccer.
Q, What do members do for activities there?
Food Bazaars, proselyting activities, and health walks are the activities I have experienced thus far.
Q. What was the weirdest thing you saw this week?
Giant colorful bugs! Sadly it's very difficult to take pictures of them.
Q. How often do people come from the mission office?
Not all that often. Our missionary couple, the Brown's, travel there almost every week though. 
Q. Does the mission president ever come your way? 
Yes! He came to one of our district councils and one of our branch sacrament meetings.

Questions from Christie
Q. What was the most inspiring part of your week? 
Definitely church on Sunday. I felt the Spirit so strongly as I pondered my Savior's love for me and for everyone.
Q. What has been the most frustrating part?
I have dealt with some sickness this week, which made me a little discouraged and down at times. Luckily my mom packed me lots of drugs!
Q. What are the kids like?
They are all adorable and love to call me white man in Twi. They also like to tell me I have gum on my backside. Haha

Questions from mom
Q. Why were you out without a flashlight when you fell in the ditch full of ants?? 
I forgot in the apartment.
Q. Why were you out after dark? 
We were walking home from eating at a members house.
Q. Is that safe??
Maybe not, but I felt pretty safe.

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