Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Week Passes

Williams family

Best friend - George

Food Bazaar
Dear Family and Friends,
          This week has been another wonderful one! Ghana is just so great. This week we worked a lot with a man named William and his wife and daughter. They are very humble and God fearing people. In the middle of one of our lessons Brother William said his family will join the Latter Day Saints. Sweetness!! They didn't make it to church, but I am very hopeful for their family. Brother Aaron didn't come to church again, so we will sadly have to push him back yet again. A bit sad, but I know he will come around in the end! This week brought a lot more moments of total exhaustion which lead to me feeling pretty down, but as I look back at my week those were the moments when I grew and learned the most. Always remember that God knows what He is doing!
          This week our district had a food bazaar! It was all Ghanaian dishes and I loved it! I had mostly rice dishes, but everything looked so good. I also saw my first ever wild monkey while traveling in a trotro! How cool is that?? Eating is still pretty much my biggest hobby here in Ghana. I think about food way more than I really should. 
          This week I am grateful for music. Music has brought me a lot of comfort and peace in some of my darker moments. Whenever you feel down,  just sing a hymn and tell me it doesn't make you feel at least a little better. 
          I don't have much time today, but know as always that I love and miss you all. I hope you continue to feel my prayers as I continue to feel yours. Have a super week!
Love, Elder Radmall

Questions from mom.
 1.     How is Deny coming along?
He is doing great! He sadly couldn't make it to church yesterday, but he did come to the food bazaar! He has great questions and wants to learn the truth.
2.    Why were the baptisms that were supposed to happen today postponed??
Because the people weren't able to come to church. They have to attend church at least three times before being baptized. That is the rule President Heid has set.
3.    Do they sell mousetraps in Ghana?  Or should I send you some of mine??
Haha they probably do, but I don't mind the little guy. He just shows up every now and again.
4.     What is an Arizona lemonade?
An absolutely delicious drink that is sold most places in America. It's hard to come by here in Ghana.

Questions from TeriAnn.
1. What was your favorite thing you ate this week? 
I had rice balls with delicious soup, and it's my new favorite!
2. What was your least favorite thing you ate this week? 
Beef that was pretty much like eating leather.
3. Have you been sick yet? 
Not really. Cross my fingers that it stays that way!
4. What is the weather like right now? 
Hot... that about sums it up. Haha it rains maybe once a week.
5. Have you been to any "nicer" home or areas there or is that not something you will see there? 
There are some nicer areas like around where we live. Not everyone lives in a tin shack!
6. How is sleeping in the mosquito net and do you get hot at night?
It's not all that bad. A bit annoying, but worth it. They have fans for everyone to sleep with at night, but I don't use mine. I get too cold with it on. I am pretty much the only missionary who doesn't use it actually.

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