Monday, September 14, 2015

Travels to Accra!

Dearest Family and Friends,
          It has been a busy and exhausting week full of travelling. Elder Grissignon and I were once again blessed to come in contact with a lot of amazing people. Ghana is such a great place! On Wednesday we needed to be in two places at once, so we went on splits with some ward members. Elder Grissignon was in Nkurakan while I went to Huhunya with Brother Emmanuel. It is definitely a confidence builder for me to go on splits. My companion is such a great teacher, and I often wonder how I will manage when he leaves. But as I went with Brother Emmanuel to teach to humble people of Huhunya, I was blessed to have my mouth filled as I opened it. That wouldn't have been possible without God sending the Spirit to reveal to me the things that I should say. On Thursday we went to a zone conference in Accra! I think there were three different zones there. President and Sister Heid addressed us. It was pretty fantastic. Then on Friday we traveled to Accra again so my companion could renew his non-citizen ID. I got to hang out with President Heid at the mission home. He and his wife are so kind and chill! He even gave me an Arizona Lemonade, which isn't cheap here in Ghana. Friday night we had a missionary fireside which was followed by a branch proselyting activity on Saturday morning. Sadly we didn't have a great turnout, but it was an awesome experience to witness those who participated uniting to share the light of the Gospel with others. We were planning on having some baptisms this Sunday, but they will sadly have to be postponed for one week. I am excited to get out and work this week!
          This week we got a new friend in our apartment! I call him Mighty Mouse. He shows up every now and again. He even jumped off of a shelf at one of the missionaries in our apartment. He is pretty great. Next to our apartment there is a big fancy church where they like to have all nighter preaching sessions. When I say preaching sessions, I mean that shout gibberish into a microphone with weird music playing for several hours. The first night I arrived in Koforidua, I thought it was some kind of Satan worship. There are a lot of churches here that do the same thing. Most of them are lead by "prophets". It is definitely different from America. One of the more interesting experiences I have on a pretty regular basis, is when we are teaching a woman and her child starts to cry, so naturally she begins breast feeding the child without any sort of covering. You try to continue with the lesson, but it is incredibly weird and makes me want to run away.
          This week I am grateful for milk. Here is Ghana dairy is scarce. You can't even buy real milk anywhere that I have seen. I just want milkshakes and ice cream and so much more that has milk in it. I have decided that I will drink nothing but milk for one week when I get home. Okay, that's a lie, but everyone enjoy something with milk for me this week!
          Anyways, I am so grateful for all of you and for the opportunity that God has given me to be a full-time missionary. The blessings have already been so apparent in my life. I see the light of my Savior filling myself and so many others each day. I pray that all of you may have that same light in your own lives so that you can "let your light so shine before man". I love you guys and hope that you have a wonderful week full of milk.

          Love, Elder Radmall

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