Monday, September 5, 2016

Dividing Asunder

Hello Family and Friends!
          How is everyone doing? I hope you are all just swell. This was an exciting week! On Monday night we went to the chief of Nungua's home to have FHE with Bro. Jeffery (the chief's son) and his family. It was great. I gave a lesson on conquering fear with faith in Jesus Christ. I used a scripture I love in Mosiah 23 about Alma and his people. As a group of Lamanites came upon them, many of the people were struck with fear. But Alma, rather than fearing, went forth and prayed unto God. His people followed suit and as a result they "hushed their fears". When we recognize that things are in the Lord's hands and that He will always do what is best for us, we have no need to fear. I have definitely seen that in my own life.
          Tuesday through Saturday the week was pretty normal. People in Ghana have some very funny ideas about the church. It is interesting to see the rumors Satan spreads. I don't know if I have ever shared these before. A lot of people believe that in our church we drink blood. Some believe we have a book called the Book of Mammon that will allow evil spirits to enter you. Others think we have a secret room in our church buildings where we hide the bones of people we have sacrificed. Many think that anyone who joins our church will become rich. It is crazy the things you hear! I guess it is something that has always followed Christ and His disciples. The Savior himself was accused of casting out devils through Beelzebub! 
          On Sunday our beloved ward was split. Nungua 2nd Ward gave birth to the brand new Sakumono Ward. It was exciting to witness all of the calling and releasing. I was a little bit sad to see the split happen. I love this group of Latter Day Saints I have been blessed to work with. I wasn't too sad though because for the time being we will still get to cover both wards! That means next Sunday we get to enjoy church twice! Lucky me. 
          That is about all for this week. Our members still like feeding us way too much. The MTC chef made us sweet and sour chicken to keep in our fridge. It is SOOO good! Next week we are hoping to baptize Selina, Fortunate, and Godsway. Hopefully all goes well. I will let you know more about them next Monday. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Radmall

Questions from Mom:
Do you eat fish very often?
Waaaaaay too much. People here love their fish. My companion has been forcing me to eat lots of it. I can eat it, but I definitely prefer chicken.
Q. Best lesson of the week?
Sister Joyce was feeling pretty down this week. She is having a lot of troubles with the house she used to live in and the people there. On Friday we were able to sit down with her, and we had a lesson about building our lives on the rock of Christ. We read Helaman 5:12 and bore testimony of the peace we can find as we center our lives on Christ. Hopefully it gave her some comfort.
Q. Are the cockroaches gone or still a problem?
They are mostly gone these days. Sometimes if I am washing in the night I will see a giant one scurry across the ground, but that's about it.
Q. Funniest moment of the week?
On Saturday they had a blood drive at our chapel. The stake president was strongly encouraging members who are able to come and donate a pint of blood. Then he turned to my companion and said, "Except for you. I expect you to give 4 pints of blood with your size!" Haha it was hilarious.

Questions from TeriAnn
Q. How many times have you fallen off your bike on your mission? :)
Surprisingly, I can only think of two.
Q. What are you looking forward to this month?
We get to hear Elder Stevenson and Elder Soares speak on the 14th (I will be thinking of you Kurt and Maggie - Happy Birthday)! That will be sweet.
Q. When are the next transfers?
The next transfers are in a week. I should have transfer news next time I write. Will I stay or will I go??

Sorry - no photos this week.  Bryan's camera is broken.  Hopefully he will be able to buy a new one this week.

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