Monday, September 19, 2016

New Companion, New Apostle and New Apartment

A rare dinner out with Elder Jones after moving.

Hello Family and Friends!
          I hope that all is going swell! This week was a pretty exciting one for us. On Tuesday we spent most of the day helping the other elders move everything from their apartment over to ours. Their old apartment has been through a lot including an attempted robbery and getting lit on fire. Elder and Sister Jones came with their truck to help us get everything from one building to the other. After we had finished the move they took us all out to lunch! We got to enjoy pizza, chicken, and ice cream!! It's not all too often that we get food like that. Our apartment is now a big mess of furniture, pots and pans, suitcases, bed mattresses, and much more. We are all enjoying ourselves too much. We all sit around telling stories and jokes pretty much every night. I am getting a feel for what college life will be like. 
          On Wednesday we all headed down to Accra for our devotional with Elder Gary E. Stevenson (Apostle!), Elder Soares (in the presidency of the Seventy), Elder Nash (in the Area Presidency), and Elder Vinson (Area President). That's right, we got not one, not two, not three, but four general authorities! It was a combined devotional with both the Accra and the Accra West Missions. It was awesome!!! There were some fantastic talks about repentance and obedience, but my favorite speakers were Elder Stevenson and his wife. His wife is one of the kindest and most sincere people I have ever met. She cried as she spoke about her love for missionaries and our devotion to the Lord. Elder Stevenson is very energetic! He was waving his arms all over as he talked and several times he walked down from the pulpit to get closer to the missionaries. He bore witness to us that we are exactly where the Lord wants us to be. After the meeting we got to shake all of their hands. Wow, those men are called of God!
          This week I got to proselyte with my new companion for the first time. His name is Elder Fuller and he is great! He is an African American from Maryland. He joined the church five years ago after his grandfather (who is a member) took him along one Sunday. He was in the office before coming here and he is very excited to be back in the field. He is patient, kind, and has a very sincere heart. I am way excited to be working with him. For the time being he is still living at the mission home. Every day he rides in a taxi to Nungua. This Friday we will get a new apartment in Sakumono and he will be able to move in. That means Friday will be a lot more moving. Yay. 
          That is about all for this week. I am so happy to hear that Baby Winston has arrived safely. He is adorable. After Christie's baby no more until I get home! Happy birthday to dad on Sunday! Thanks for being the best papa daddy in the world! I love you all lots and hope you have a splendiferous week.
Elder Radmall

Moving Day

Questions from Mom:
Q. Has Godsway been baptized?
Nope. He traveled and he still hasn't returned.
Q. How are lessons going with Hannah?  How was she raised Muslim when her mom is a Mormon?  Where is her dad?
She was living with her father who is Muslim until recently. Now she has moved in with her mother. She is still progressing and on track to be baptized sometime next month!
Q.  Favorite hymn this week?
I love hymn 66 (Rejoice, The Lord Is King).  I am learning it on the piano right now.
Q. Favorite story told by Elder Stevenson?
He shared a great story about a time when he was assigning missionaries to their missions. He was slightly unsure about where to place one missionary in particular, but in the end he felt he knew where to put them. That night after going to sleep Elder Stevenson woke up. As soon as he was awake two things came into his mind. The first was the name of the missionary he had been unsure about. The second was the name of a mission. Realizing that this was the Spirit speaking to him he wrote down the two names. In the morning as soon as he had woken up he called the missionary department and instructed them to change the assigned mission of that missionary. God knows exactly where He wants us to be.
Q. Most spiritual lesson this week?
We had one awesome lesson about the First Vision and the Restoration with Bro. Joshua. Joshua is a referral we received from a member of our bishopric and he is way cool. He already has a testimony about Joseph Smith and the fact that he was a prophet of God. Now he just needs to come to church to witness the fruits of Joseph Smith.
Q. What or who brought you joy this week?
There is an adorable and very chubby baby in our ward. Everyone calls him "obolo" which means fat in Twi. He is soooo chubby and cute. I smile every time I see him. I also made everyone dessert pancakes with mint ice cream and hot fudge. That was some serious happiness. 

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. Who is your favorite missionary right now?
I love my new companion, Elder Fuller. He is just pure goodness. He is so sweet and eager to do what's right.
Q. Who is your favorite investigator?
We are teaching a woman we call Auntie Esther. Her daughter is a member in our ward. She is a firecracker and loves to challenge what we say. She comes to church, but says it is too boring and makes her fall asleep. She is sooo funny.
Q. What is the most beautiful place you have seen on your mission or in your area? 
Koforidua is definitely the prettiest place I have seen in Ghana. The mountains and forests are just breathtaking.

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