Monday, July 11, 2016


 Jennifer, Dede, Daniel the baptist
Baptism photo with Elder Kallon

Hello dearly beloved people of the world!
          It has been a great week! I always say that, and I always mean it. Each week no matter what happens, we can learn and grow. And it is all thanks to the Savior and His Atonement. Because of Him, all things can "work together for your good". This week I reached my one year mark. On July 8, 2015 I kissed my momma goodbye and entered the MTC. That was the beginning of an adventure that would change my life forever. How grateful I am that I made this decision to serve. In honor of my hump day I wanted to share some lists.

5 things I miss the most from home.
1. Milk!
2. Mountains
3. Carpet
4. Cheap pizza
5. My family of course!

5 ways I have grown over the last year.
1. I have physically become much stronger and fitter. 
2. I have grown in my knowledge of the Gospel.
3. I have grown a little beer-belly. The food here is all carbs and oil!
4. I have grown in my capacity to love and serve others.
5. My testimony that the Savior lives and loves each of us has grown.

          I wanted to do a couple more lists, but my time is running short. I celebrated my one year mark with some fried rice and banana bread. I ate myself sick. Literally. The next day I had diarrhea all day. Oh well, it was worth it. On Saturday we also had a baptism! It was awesome. Sister Jennifer and little Dede both entered the waters. Both of them come from the homes of members and I was overjoyed to witness them coming unto Christ. Preparing for the baptism was a bit crazy as usual, but as always the Lord's will was accomplished and they were baptized. 
          Last night we also had a little celebration with our district. We met at our apartment and cooked groundnut soup (my favorite) and rice. Then I baked some peanut butter m and m brownies for us to enjoy with some ice cream. And of course we played ping pong. It was a blast! 
          I love you all so much and I hope that you know it! The Savior lives and loves us. The Book of Mormon testifies of Him and will help you to find true peace in your life. Have a wonderful and blessed week!
Elder Radmall

Sweet Bird

Questions from Mom:
Q. They roast the goat in an open fire – whole with the skin on??  Do they gut it first??  Do they eat the innards?  Or were they just burning the hair off in that photo?  I need details on the cooking of the goat!!
They roast it, then they gut it, and then we cook everything and eat it. In the picture they were burning off the hair.
Q. How are the barbershop boys?
We only see Benjamin nowadays, but he is great! We are still teaching him.
Q. How is Sister Heid?
I haven't heard recently, but I hope she is feeling better.
Q. Have you scheduled surgery on your toe?
Haha nope. Hopefully I can do that this week.
Q. Favorite lesson this week?
This week we had an awesome lesson with a new investigator named Michelle. We met with her after church and taught about prophets and the blessings that come as we follow them. She understood everything and when we finished she asked "so when are you going to come back?"
Q. Funniest moment this week?
When I ripped a plastic bag and spilled rice all over the floor. Woops.
Q. Your favorite hymn is “The Wintry Day?”  Do they sing that in Ghana or was that a joke? 
I don't think a single person in Ghana knows how to sing it, but I have been learning it on the piano and I absolutely love it!

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. How did killing the goat smell?
It smelt like a smelly goat.
Q. How did cooking the goat smell? Do they cook it with the hair on it?
It also smelt like a smelly goat. They roast the hair off with fire before cooking it.
Q. How are the cockroaches in your apartment?
A little bit better, but still there.
Q. What did you do for P-day?
We mostly just did our chores and relaxed. I finished reading Our Heritage, which is an awesome book!
Q. Was there anyone that was a highlight in your week this week?
Brother Joel. He is a recent convert. On Saturday we went to teach him and one of his friends showed up. He invited the friend to come and learn with us and the guy even came to church!

Questions from Christie:
Q. What made you laugh this week?
Just sitting around and sharing stories with the other missionaries in our district. Missions are full of awkward and funny things.
Q. What was the hardest part of your week?
Proselyting with diarrhea. But I prayed and the Lord gave me strength to carry on.
Q. What's your favorite scripture this week?
Alma 34:15
Q. Who made your week better?
Elder Kallon, who taught me how to make groundnut soup.

Question from Kurt:
Q. When this week or recently did you witness someone humbling themselves and submitting to the will of the Father?
I witnessed it as we taught a man about the word of wisdom. He is an investigator I have known for a while to struggle with that commandment, but he couldn't bring himself to tell us. This week he opened up and committed to follow the standard of the Lord.

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