Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

A Ghanian engagement party.

Hello everybody!
          It was a splendid week in Ghana. One of my highlights this week was teaching a new investigator named Brother Adjetey.  He is a very interesting man.  He was born and raised in Ghana.  When he was nineteen years old he moved to Canada where he attended school.  Eventually he moved from Canada to the US where he spent much of his life.  A few years ago he became very ill and learned that he had cancer.  Fortunately, he was able to fight it off and it is in remission now.  He has returned to Ghana for the time being while he recovers.  On Sunday we met him at Stake Conference, and on Tuesday we were able to begin teaching him.  I can say that all that has happened in the life of Brother Adjetey has prepared him to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His experiences have made him humble and teachable.  He loves what we have shared so far and he has been diligently studying the Book of Mormon.  I am very excited to continue working with him and watching his testimony grow.  It is amazing to see the ways that God prepares His children to receive the truth!
          This week we got to go to an engagement party for one of the members in Nungua. It was pretty awesome. The groom's family had to present gifts to the bride's family and then they negotiated for like the next hour. Sadly, it was mostly in Twi so I wasn't really sure what was going on. But in the end the bride's family accepted! They will be married on Saturday.
          It was also mother's day!!! I got to call my dear family which was an absolute delight. I am so grateful for mothers throughout the world. I am grateful for my grandmas, aunts, and cousins who are such great mothers. I am grateful for my dear sisters and sisters-in-law who are such great mothers to my nieces and nephews. I am especially grateful for my own dear mother. She has done far more for me than I think I can even fully comprehend. She has willingly sacrificed and given her whole life to bringing up our family. I love you mom!
          Thanks to all of you for just being awesome. Have a great week!
Elder Radmall


Questions from Christie:
Q. How was the work this week?
It was awesome! It was another hot and sunny week, but God continues to strengthen us.
Q. How is your toe? 
It's okay. I have been treating it with lots of neosporin and band aids, so I don't think they will need to amputate it.
Q. What made you laugh? 
Our bishop's son, Kwadjo. He is an adorable little boy and he was trying to ride a bike around their house with a giant helmet on.
Q. What was hard or discouraging? 
We had some people commit to come to church, and I really believed they would be there, but they couldn't make it. I guess they will have to come next week. 
Q. What was your favorite scripture this week? 
This week I read the story of David and Goliath. God truly brings about great works through His faithful children, no matter their size. I had forgotten how cool the Old Testament is. Like when Jezebel falls off a tower and the wolves come and... well, I just like the Old Testament. 
Q. What would you love to get for your birthday?
Definitely a pony. If that doesn't work though, I will always take some skittles or starbursts!

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. How many people are in your Ward?
I'm not sure actually. We usually have around 90 or so in sacrament meeting.
Q. How far is church from your apartment?
It is about 7 minutes on our bikes.
Q. What did you do today?
Today we did some major cleaning and then I fell asleep on our table. It was awesome.
Q. What is your schedule in the morning before you leave and the evenings when you come home?
In the morning I shower, get dressed, make some oatmeal, study and eat, and then study with Elder Kambwiri. In the evenings we usually get back to the apartment, plan, cook some dinner, wash if needed, get ready for bed, and crash.
Q. What are you looking forward to this week?
I am looking forward to our Zone Training on Wednesday because it means I will get mail!

Questions from Mom:
Q. Are you glad you made the decision to serve a mission?
You better believe it! I have grown and changed so much in the last 10 months. I have received countless blessings and learned so much about other cultures. I will draw on this experience the rest of my life.
Q. Would you go at 18 again knowing what you know now?
Yes! I have no doubt that I left exactly when God wanted me to.
Q. How is your testimony?  Do you have doubts or do you feel it is stronger?
Doubts of course try to creep into my mind, but overall my testimony has been made so much stronger by choosing to share it.
Q. What have the people of Ghana taught you?
They have taught me to have hope and faith that God can and will deliver us. When you ask people here how they are doing they will respond "By His grace, we are doing fine."
Q. What cultural barriers do the people of Ghana struggle with that keeps them from accepting the gospel or staying active?
They just have some annoying beliefs and traditions. For example a woman who is married has to follow her husband to whatever church he attends.

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