Monday, May 16, 2016

Daniel and the Very Hungry Lion's Den

 Coconte with palm nut soup.
(Coconte is dried cassava, ground into a powder and mixed with water.)

Eating coconte.

Happy Monday everyone!
          I hope you all had a great week. Ghana is just awesome and sunny as always. This week was pretty sweet. We went and found where a recent convert in our ward lives this week. He stays in a place called Sakumono Village. It is a pretty poor area right along the coast. I think it will be a great place to proselyte in. When we got there we found out that he had been interviewed to receive the Aaronic Priesthood the following Sunday. The troubling thing was that he didn't know anything about the Aaronic Priesthood! We sat down and taught him all about it. Another one of our recent converts, Joel Shaduka, was also scheduled to be ordained as a priest on Sunday. It was so cool to see both of them taking another important step along the Gospel path. 
          One of my favorite lessons this week was with Sister Sarah and her family. She has two children and several others who are always at her house. There names are Blessing, Jemimah, Kwesi, Kofi, and Celestina. When we arrived at the house they surprised us with dinner! We ate a food called coconte with palmnut soup. It feels kind of like you are eating bread dough. Anyways, after we finished eating we had a lesson with the family. I decided to teach them about Daniel and the Lion's Den. The only problem was that everyone was pretty sleepy after eating such a heavy meal. The only solution I could think of was to act it out. So I gave all of the kids a part to play. It was hilarious. The kids were all great at playing their parts, especially Blessing who was a very hungry lion. At the end I asked them all what we can learn from Daniel, and they shared that we need to have faith and courage to do what is right. It was the perfect lesson.
          We also had some rain this week! It was nice because it cooled things off for a little while, but it also meant we had to track through mud. On Saturday we attended a wedding at the chapel. It was pretty boring, but they did give us each a tiny bite of wedding cake and a soda at the end!
          That is about all for this week. I am so grateful to all of you and I continue to pray for you all! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
Elder Radmall

Nungua Wedding

Questions from Mom:
Q. In what ways or when did you feel the spirit this week?
I felt the Spirit as I took the sacrament this week. I love the chance to just remember the Savior and His sacrifice.
Q. Are sacrament meetings the same in Ghana as they are in America?
For the most part. They sure don't sing the same hymns as we do. And a lot of the people who give talks just read straight out of a church manual of magazine.
Q. Do you spend any of your time finding inactives?
We try to! We have a lot of inactives in our ward, but nobody knows who they are or where they are. We have tried to contact some with very little success.
Q. What is the difference between fufu, banku, and conte?
Conte is dried cassava mixed with water.  Fufu is made from pounding boiled cassava and plantain. I like fufu much more. Banku is made mainly from corn dough.

Questions from Christie:
Q. What strengthened your testimony this week?
Meeting with a recent convert named Brother Johnson. He bore testimony to us of how the church has blessed and changed his life, especially the Word of Wisdom. It strengthened my own testimony to hear his.
Q. What was your favorite scripture this week?
Mosiah 5:15. Be steadfast and immovable in your faith and God will carry you.
Q. What was the hardest part of your week?
Having some investigators disappear on us. It is sad to feel like someone progressing in the Gospel and then to lose them.
Q. What made you laugh?
Acting out Daniel and the Lion's Den. The kids were hilarious.
Q. What did you do for fun?
We attended the wedding and even got to eat some cake!
Q. Who touched your heart this week?
King Benjamin. I was so moved as I read his sermon about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
Q. Who was an angel for you this week?
Mom was! She sent me an awesome package full of goodies. Does she love me or what?
Q. Who did you serve this week?
We had an investigator who lives just by our apartment. When we called to set up a time to meet with him he told us he couldn't meet because his water was not coming. We went and helped him fill up containers at our apartment and then carried them back to his house. The cool part is that we were able to have an awesome lesson with him afterwards.

Questions from TeriAnn: 
Q. What are you doing to do for your birthday coming up?
I don't know. Maybe I will treat myself to some fried rice for dinner that night.
Q. Any rain yet?
Yes!! It finally rained, thank heavens.
Q. When are the next transfers in your mission?
We just had transfers last week, so the next transfer will be in the middle of June.
Q. What made you happy this week?
Walking and whistling in the rain.
Q. Who is your favorite family or person in your area right now?
Sister Sarah and her family are pretty darn awesome and I love being around them.

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