Friday, July 24, 2015

They're Starting Me Out In The Bush!

  They have given me some more time to email you while I wait for the doctor to do a physical. I'll be honest, the first night was a little bit rough. I was absolutely exhausted when I got off of the plane. And then I couldn't find my yellow fever vaccination record. Luckily they let me through without it. Don't worry, I found where it was. Then the lady who checked my passport was yelling at me for filling out some form wrong, and I couldn't understand her. Haha and then I realized that I had left my scripture case on the plane, with my scriptures in it. I still don't have those, but maybe they'll turn up. When we left the airport some guys started following us around, giving us advice about Ghana and asking for tips. So my first impression of Ghana wasn't all that great.
          But I have had a much more positive experience today getting oriented about the mission. President and Sister Heid are fantastic! As are all of the senior couples here. Today I will be driving to Koforidua. They're starting me out in the bush! How exciting! So far they have provided us with really good food, so I don't have any interesting stories there. Thanks for the pictures. She is so adorable! Keep sending me pictures. My companion's name is Grisingot... I think. I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with him yet, so I'll give you more info. next week. And I did pack floss, so no worries there! The senior couple in my area are from Australia and they have sweet accents. I am currently is some serious culture shock, so I hope the bush will help me overcome that really easy. 
          I will be able to email you from my area when the power is on. The mission home has a generator and a tall fence with electric wire which is pretty awesome. One of the senior couples know Alan and Tracy so they sent her a picture of me. You may have seen it already. Everybody knows the Radmalls! I am getting better at understanding the people, but I am still far from having total comprehension. I was told that I will always get ripped off when buying things because I am white. The driving here is absolutely insane! I love it and hope I never have to drive. 
          I miss you guys like crazy and continue to pray for you each day. Send me any questions you want answered in your next email. And please tell me everything that's going on with the family. I really want to know it all! On Monday I will have two hours to email. I can never express just how grateful I am for both of you and all that you do for me! I can not wait to hear back from you soon. I will try to get some pictures to send you. I love you both lots and hope that all is going fantastic! 
          -Bryan/Elder Radmall

P.S. Mom, you can not mow the lawn! I'm sure there is someone you can hire to do it. And dad, have a safe journey home! Love you guys lots.

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