Monday, May 29, 2017

A Part of My Heart Will Always Remain in Ghana

Ghana Temple

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been another great week of laboring in the Lord's vineyard. I cannot express just how much I will miss being a missionary in the Ghana Accra Mission. I have still not fully come to terms with the idea that I will be going home soon. I don't think I will totally accept it until I am on the plane. A part of my heart will always remain in this blessed land with the people I have come to love so deeply. 

I love Danfa Ward. Our members are so kind and loving. They treat us like we are a part of their family. I guess that is how it should be among the followers of Christ. We must realize that everyone around us is a part of our heavenly family. We should love them as our brothers and sisters, regardless of their race, culture, or circumstances. That is one area I have been trying to improve on recently, and I reckon it is something I will have to keep working on throughout my life. 

I am loving the Book of Mormon right now. As a matter of fact, I need to confess some slight disobedience. Last night I decided to read a chapter or two in the beginning of Alma before going to bed. The next thing I knew it was almost 1 am and I was in chapter 36. It never ceases to amaze me that I can read from the same chapters a hundred times and still find something new each time. That is why I love reading the Book of Mormon so much. I can always learn more about my Savior and what I can do to follow in His footsteps. This week it is my resolve to invite as many people as I can to read that book that they too may know of the power it has to change their lives. 

On Friday I had the chance to attend the temple for my last time as a missionary. I will greatly miss the Ghana temple. It is beautiful and I have had many sacred experiences in there. 

This week we were blessed with a mighty miracle. Sis. Kadija, a member in our ward who works at the distribution center, invited us over. She loves watching cooking shows and watched one recently where they made macaroni and cheese. She decided she needed to try it. She bought everything she needed (including the ridiculously expensive cheese) and prepared Elder Scott and I some amazing mac and cheese. It was a little taste of home. 

That is about it for this week. The Lord's work continues to roll forth. Next week I will write my final letter. It is a humbling thought. I know as I have never known before that Jesus Christ lives. He is the son of God. He was chosen to come to earth as a great and last sacrifice for mankind. He has the power to change anyone who will come unto Him and keep His commandments. His love is perfect and His arms are always open to comfort those who will embrace Him. I love my Savior.
Elder Radmall

Questions from Mom:
Q.  What is your favorite thing about Elder Scott?
He is hilarious! We laugh together all day long.
Q. What meal do you want ready to eat when you get home?
I will eat anything, but I would love a double cheeseburger with a large order of fries and an XL mint oreo milkshake. 
Q. Funniest moment of the week?
Today we went to some awesome botanical gardens in Aburi. Elder Scott and I went down this dirt path into the jungle for like thirty minutes before realizing we weren't in the gardens anymore. Upon returning to the gardens we found a sign saying, "Warning, do not go beyond this point of the garden." We missed that sign. Haha we had a great adventure wandering through the jungle.
Q. Happiest moment of the week?
I think my happiest moment this week was when I took the sacrament on Sunday. I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and joy as I thought of the Savior's sacrifice for me. 
Q. How have angels watched over you this week?
This week angels watched over me as I rode a trotro in heavy rain. They allowed us to make it home safely. 

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. Abigail asked - are you going to miss Ghana?
Of course!
Q. What has surprised you the most while serving your mission in Ghana?
Everyone here does not live in a hut by the river. 
Q. How many companions have you had total? 
Q. If you could tell everyone you know one thing about your experience while in Ghana, 
what would it be?
I would share with them the love and the kindness of the people of Ghana. 

Questions from Kurt:
Q.Calvin graduated from preschool this week, just like you'll soon graduate from this stage of your life. He's moving on to grade school. What about you?
I'm moving on to live in my parents house and letting them feed me for the next 20 years. 
Q. What is the hardest thing you've witnessed this past month?
One of the hardest things I have witnessed is seeing people who are sick, both physically and mentally, but have nowhere to go for help. It is heartbreaking to see people in such painful circumstances. 
Q. What living condition adjustment will be the biggest for you (besides air conditioning)?
Always having electricity. I won't have to iron my shirt Saturday night because I can count on there being power when I wake up on Sunday! 
Q. What scripture story do you think relates best to the people of Ghana?
The Tree of Life. Many people here are holding fast to the iron rod and pressing forward despite the many people around them who point and laugh because of their devotion to the Gospel. 

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