Monday, April 24, 2017

Mangos and Good Fruits

Hello Family and Friends!

I hope your week was great. This week was awesome. Mangoes are in season and I am eating them like they are about to go extinct. So good. This week has flown by. Elder Scott and I have been biking, walking, laughing, and teaching our way through the days. 

This week we were blessed to go on two exchanges. On Thursday the AP's joined us in our area. That meant we got to proselyte with a car! Score! Their names are Elder George and Elder Bailey. Elder George is from Zimbabwe and Elder Bailey is from good ol' Utah. We had a great day teaching and meeting new people. They are amazing missionaries and I learned a lot from working with them. On Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Anderson in our area. Elder Anderson was in the MTC with me. He is kind of from America, kind of from Japan, and kind of from Germany. He is an awesome guy. Very friendly and kind to everyone he meets. 

Right now we are focusing on finding new people to teach. A lot of the people Elder Beck and I were teaching have started to drift off. Hopefully this week will bring some good fruits. 

Yesterday we found scorpion number 4 in the apartment. This one was very tiny. Yesterday Bro. and Sis. Watson (members in our ward who used to live in London) invited us over for lunch after church. Sis. Watson is an amazing cook and made some amazing chicken with rice. Then they gave us ice cream with pineapple and chocolate sauce. They are too kind! We have a wonderful ward full of members that love to feed us. Sweet is the work! 

I love you all and I am praying for you. I hope you all have an outstanding week. Thanks for all of your love and prayers. 
Elder Radmall

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. What has been your greatest struggle in Africa that you have overcome?
I think my biggest struggle was adjusting to a culture and lifestyle that is so different from what I had always known. 
Q. What has been your greatest triumph while in Africa?
My greatest triumph has been killing a goat. 
Q. What has been the greatest kindness you have received in Africa?
I could never say. I have received far too many to ever choose one that is the greatest. One memory that I hold very dear is of a time when an elderly member living in a tiny metal shack insisted upon sharing him and his daughter's dinner with us. It was a simple meal, but one I will never forget. 

Questions from Momma:
Q. Are you bike missionaries right now?  How often do you ride trotros?
We sure are! We still ride trotros several times a week to get around the zone. 
Q. What is one surprising thing you have not ever told us about Ghana?
I think I have told you about everything that has surprised me. 
Q. What is your favorite thing about church in Ghana that is different that America?
When someone says good morning everyone else responds. 
Q. Who can we pray for this week?  (Still praying for Sister Doris and Sister Vicential.)
This week you can pray for a little boy who was involved in a serious accident in our area. I don't know his name, but any prayers on his behalf would be appreciated. 
Q. Tell us two things about Elder Scott.
He played football in high school and he was the student body president. He also has two older brothers and an older sister. 
Q. Is there a meeting that will replace zone conference??  Will the districts continue to meet?
Nope. District meetings will continue to be held weekly. 

A note from Bryan's former companion, Elder Kallon from Sierra Leone:

Hello how is life and the Family doing? hope is good, My greeting to the family. 
Saturday & Sunday was our multi- Stake Conference and I was lucky to attended the two days it was so so nice to meet with our Area authority I feel good when I see my Area President going round with the wife an shake the hands of people.and it was so good when our Mission President ask us to come with all our Investigators to have an hand shake with him.
The conference was so nice that I will like to shear want I learn with My beloved Family which is the Radmall Family.
On the first day the Tema Stake President talk about TIME,He show how important time is to our life and even to the plan of Salvation,it help us to know that if we use time wisely it can help us to add value to our life and even the Church. 
He also talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which he say that Jesus came and die for us is not only for the love he have for the Father but for Us.
Also I love what the second speaker spoke about she talk about Family, that our family does not only start on earth, but we belong to God Family before we were born on this earth, and that God Give us family so that we can learn and grow so we can live with him again, she also tlak about Faith that we can incress our faith by three things which are 1 Prayer, 2 studying the Scripture, 3 Temple Worship.
The third speaker who is Elder Egbo the new Area seventy also spoke about faith, which he use the first book in the Book Of Mormon which is 1 Nephi 1&2, help us to know the type of faith Lehi have in God for him to live all his property and go to the wildness. Sunday the talk that I love so so much is the one by Elder Egbo that thet thing that make us difference than other churches is Holy Ghost. 

There were 1600 people at the multi stake conference, where a new stake was created. (Photo taken from the Pace's blog.)

Elder Egbo was called as a new area authority seventy at April conference.  He is from Nungua, one of Bryan's former areas, and Bryan ate at his home several times.  

Elder I. Raymond Egbo, Area Seventy

I. Raymond Egbo, 42, Accra, Ghana; area director, Church Educational System; former stake young single adult adviser, counselor in a district presidency, counselor in a mission presidency, mission president, and counselor in a stake presidency; married Comfort Ikip Ese, two children.

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