Tuesday, April 18, 2017

He is Risen!

Hello Family and Friends! 

I hope you all had a great Easter. Most of the internet cafes were closed yesterday for Easter Monday. I only have a few minutes today, so I will try to quickly talk about the highlights of our week. Elder Scott is great. We are already the best of friends. We laugh and joke all day long as we go about our work. It sure makes the time fly by. I will try to send a picture of him next week. 

On Tuesday we had a zone training meeting. It was great to meet with the whole zone and to learn together how we can better serve the Lord. We have a lot of awesome missionaries in our zone. This week we got four brand new missionaries in our zone. One of them is from the Philippines! The next day we received a text from President Heid that missionaries throughout the world will no longer hold zone training meetings. I am actually okay with that. That will be a big burden off of Elder Scott and I's shoulders. 

Easter Sunday happened to be our branch conference. The stake president came and announced that our branch received approval from Salt Lake to become a ward. We are now the Danfa Ward. The members were very excited about that news. The ward choir sang a lot of beautiful pieces, including some Easter music. 

The last and perhaps most important thing I have to share with you is my testimony of the Savior. I know that he lived over two thousand years ago. I know that He lived a life with no sin. He willingly gave all for us. I know that He humbly knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane and took our sins, afflictions, and sorrows upon Himself. He was nailed upon a cross where He willingly poured out His soul unto death for us. And I know that on the third day He did rise. He lives and because He lives we too shall all live again. I love my Redeemer. 

Love you all. Thanks for your support and prayers. Have a great week!


Elder Radmall

Elder Beck - Bryan's last companion, with his mom.   He came home a week ago and we were able to hear him speak in Lehi last Sunday.

President Heid, Bryan's awesome mission president getting food from the kitchen for missionaries.

Traveling in Ghana.
Elder Glen Pace wrote a book about the church in Africa called "Safe Journey".  That is a common phrase that people say to each other before a journey because travel both in Ghana and to other African countries is dangerous.  (By the way - I highly recommend this book - an amazing story of the church in Africa and getting the Ghana temple built.  There is a kindle version available on Amazon.)

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