Monday, February 13, 2017

Miracles and Tender Mercies

5 minutes before the accident - off to go fishing.

After the accident at the mission home.

There is no letter from Bryan this week.  He was in a serious car accident today with 3 other missionaries.  He and his companion were only slightly injured.  God was definitely watching over them.  He was able to email me this afternoon (about 10 PM Ghana time) and here is his report:

I am alive and kicking!! It will take more than a little taxi accident to bring down this missionary. It has been a day of miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. We are at the mission home right now.
We are all doing well. Just a little cut up and sore. I was honestly hoping that they wouldn't even tell you about it. We were in a taxi going to meet up with some other elders to go fishing for p-day. Our back tire blew out and the taxi driver lost control.
We weren't in a trotro. Just a taxi. We swerved a bit, hit the side of the road, and rolled. It was just four missionaries and the driver. My window unfortunately broke, so the glass scraped up my hands a bit, but not too bad. My lungs are a tiny bit bruised, but no broken bones. Score! My companion and I have some whip lash and he thinks he had a small concussion. The other two missionaries are fine as is the driver. It is a miracle! Just goes to show that God is watching over us. We will be taking it easy here at the mission home for the next couple of days. 
They gave us some pain meds at the hospital. That was the other miracle. We crashed about two minutes from a hospital! Yeah, tomorrow I will be quite sore. President Heid has ordered us to sleep in as long as we can tomorrow! I won't say no to that. 
Thanks mom for all of your love, concerns, and prayers. Obviously those prayers are working! Know that I am safe and happy and that I love you to pieces. Have a superb week! 

Kpong zone.

Bryan at a leadership conference in Accra.

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  1. Hey look!!!! Bryan actually smiled in a picture.