Monday, February 20, 2017

Divine Protection

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been an unforgettable week.  This week I have seen miracle after miracle and blessing upon blessing.  As you know the week started out with some very unexpected events.  On Monday we boarded a taxi heading to Asutuare to do some fishing for our P-day.  The back tire burst, the driver lost control, and we ended up spinning 180 degrees and rolling once off of the side of the road.  Here are a few of the miracles that took place that day.

1. When the driver first lost control of the car we veered into the left lane where a trotro was quickly approaching us.  Last minute our driver was able to turn and move the taxi back to the other side of the road.
2. The taxi only rolled one time and landed on the wheels.  Had we continued rolling I am certain there would have been more serious injuries. 
3. Despite the fact that almost all of the windows were down and there were no seat belts, all of us (and our limbs) stayed inside of the vehicle. 
4. None of us were seriously hurt.  When you think about everything that could happen to someone in a rollover it is simply amazing that all five of us in the car walked away with nothing but some scrapes and minor injuries. 
5. Our taxi rolled about two minutes away from one of the few hospitals in our area.  Even more amazing was the angel God sent to take us to the hospital.  After we had all exited the car, a man in a pickup truck seemed to appear out of nowhere.  He stopped and quickly loaded us into his truck.  After that he raced us to the hospital and helped us in getting admitted and filling out the necessary paper work.  Then he vanished.  We never even got his name. 

Our little accident was a mighty miracle.  I am humbled and grateful beyond words.  This is an experience I hope never to repeat again, but learned a great deal from it.  The Lord is truly mindful of His servants.  He knows all of His children and He is ever watching over us.  This is not the first time, nor shall it be the last, that the Lord has protected me and provided miracles in my life.  He does so for each of us every day.  He has given me my life.  I now have a greater determination to give Him mine. 

In other news, I have been transferred! I just came to Kpong, and now I am already saying goodbye. I will be going to an area called Danfa. It is about halfway between Kpong and Accra. I will miss this place. I will miss our funny branch and our dear investigators. I will especially miss the wonderful missionaries I have been blessed to serve alongside in our zone. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I love and miss you all. Have a great week and be careful what taxis you board! 
Elder Radmall

Questions from Mom:
Q.Why did I not see a mosquito net over your bunk bed??
Don't worry. I have one now! 
Q. Can you tell us about the family in the photo where you were pounding palm nuts?
Those are some of our investigators. We just started teaching them recently. It is a three generation family. A grandmother, mother, and son. 
Q. What does Elder Winborg like to cook?
He can make some nice jollof rice. He also make great egg sandwiches. 
Q. What was your best meal this week?
This week while we were at the hospital, Elder and Sister Jones bought my companion and I bacon cheeseburgers!!! I haven't had a cheeseburger since I was in America! SOOOO GOOD!
Q. Seen any giant spiders?
Not for a while, thankfully. 
Q. Did anyone take photos of the car after the wreck??
Yes, but I don't know who. 
Q. How are you feeling – are you still sore?  What about the bruised lung?
Still pretty sore. I still take about five minutes to find a comfortable position when I am going to sleep, but it's getting much better. 
Q. How is Elder Winborg feeling?
He is doing a lot better. He will be coming back to Kpong on Thursday. (He is still recuperating at the mission home.)
Q. What about the other two elders – what are the names and how are they doing?
Elders Buehner and Eduok are doing great. 
Q. Can each of you write your account of the accident and what happened and how you were protected and send it to me???
I have the full account written in my journal. I can try to send it if you would like. 

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. Maggie says, What is your favorite team, BYU or Utah? :)
Utah of course! Go Utes! 
Q. What did you do for PDay?
Today I got a haircut. That's about it. 
Q. Did people in your area wonder where you were for a few days?
Haha yeah. We kind of just disappeared for a week. They were wondering what happened to us. 
Q. What was going through your head while your car was rolling and after it stopped?
While we were rolling I was thinking "Hello ceiling." After we stopped I was thinking "Why are my tan shorts turning red?"  (Bryan's hands were cut up with broken glass from the car window.)
Q. What was your best moment this week? 
One night while Elder Winborg and I were just chilling in the office at the mission home President Heid walked in with two blue bowls and a bottle of lemon juice. The bowls each had a salmon fillet. That sure made my Alaskan companion happy. 

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