Monday, December 5, 2016

A Little Slice of Heaven

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all doing? I can't believe that we are in December! 2016 is nearly over. That is crazy to think about. This week was a lot of traveling and having new experiences. 
On Tuesday I said my last goodbyes to the wonderful people of Juapong. That night I finished packing my bags. Wednesday morning we got a taxi and set out for Kpong. When we arrived at the apartment in Kpong I dropped off my things and we got another car to Accra, this time with Elder Howard and Elder Okorie (the one I am replacing in Kpong). 
That evening we arrived at the mission home and then Elder Palmer and I got to head over to the temple!! Wow! I love the temple so much. A place to learn and feel the Spirit. I entered the temple with a lot of worries on my mind, but over the course of our session all of those worries were put to rest. I received some much needed personal revelation. It is so great to see how perfectly God knows each of His children. He knows all of our concerns and has the perfect solutions for us.
That night we slept over at the mission home and then on Thursday morning I attended some meetings with Elder Howard, my new companion. After the meeting we were fed pizza!! That was a little slice of heaven. Haha... ha. 
That night we returned to Kpong. Friday and Saturday I got to go and meet some of our investigators and the members of our branch. Kpong is a great place. It is missing many of the luxuries that can be found in Accra, but I really don't mind. It helps me to focus on the people and the message we have to share. Those are the things that really matter. 
Elder Howard is great! He is a wonderful missionary. He is very funny and keeps me laughing. He is from California and is the youngest of two boys in his family. He was attending BYU Idaho just before coming on his mission. 
That is about all from last week. This Wednesday Ghana will be having their elections. We have been told not to proselyte on Thursday as a result. Hopefully no wars break out! I am so grateful to be a missionary in Ghana. The experiences I have had have forever changed me and my relationship with the Savior has grown. The Lord has blessed me with a deep love for the people here, regardless of our differences in culture, race, and background. I know with all of my heart that God loves these people, just as I know that he loves each of you. Thanks for all of your love, support, and prayers. I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week. 
Elder Radmall

From President Heid to the Ghana Accra Missionaries:
You had another wonderful week of unity, with everyone pulling together to get the transfer done before the election.  Spend THURSDAY in your apartment in your P Day clothes, and DEEP clean the apartment.  Listen to peaceful, gospel music as you clean, and have a day where you “catch up” on projects like the Area Book, journal, reading and personal study.  Call or text all of your investigators and encourage them.  Study your ward list and learn the names and callings of the members.  Make this a profitable day that will lead to a wonderful December and start of the New Year.  Stay off of the street and let the results of the election settle down.

Questions from Mom:
Q. Tell us one thing about your new city…
I wouldn't call it a city. It's pretty small. The church has been in Kpong for around 30 years! There are some great pioneers of the church living here. There is also no market here and no banks. This is the bush.
Q. Are you in a ward or branch?  Tell us one thing about your new ward…
We are in a branch. The branch was recently split. We had about 85 in attendance on Sunday. And we meet in the most beautiful chapel I have ever seen. I will send a picture soon.
Q. How many people are you teaching in your new city? 
Not very many right now, but I hope we will have more investigators soon.
Q. How many missionaries are in your new city?
There are four of us here in Kpong.
Q. What is your new apartment like?
It is pretty nice. We have lots of space and a big kitchen. The only problem is the cockroaches. Our apartment is completely infested with cockroaches. And they just fumigated it like two weeks ago. Yikes! But we are working to reduce the population.
Q. Funniest moment of the week?
While we were riding our bikes this week we came to some narrow wooden planks forming a bridge over a ditch. I was certain that I could ride across it. I was wrong. I biffed it and barely saved myself from falling in the ditch. It was pretty funny. 
Q. How have angels watched over you this week?
This week they watched over me as I was travelling in trotros (Taxis). We get some craaaazy drivers in Ghana, but I have yet to be in an accident. 
Q.  Did your first Christmas package arrive yet?
I got package #1 as well as #2 and #3. Woot! And I already read most of that Ensign. Haha. It was great. Thank you so soooo much! (Last year Bryan got his package after Christmas. This year I sent 3 soft pouches, one pre-Christmas and 2 for Christmas.  I have become very creative at packing them.)

Bryan was unable to send photos this week.  The internet cafe did not have the technology for that.  
Photos of trotros from the internet:

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