Monday, June 6, 2016

Baptism; in your face, Satan

Sister Theresa and her baptist.

Dear family and friends,
          What a week it has been! On Saturday we planned to baptize Sister Theresa. She is a lovely old woman who lives with her daughter and grandchildren in a very small wooden structure. Her daughter is a member, and Theresa has been coming to church for months. As we got nearer to the baptism problem after problem seemed to come up. We had a hard time contacting Theresa to schedule her baptismal interview and we had to schedule with someone to translate for us (she speaks Twi). Finally we were able to get the interview done. Then, the night before the baptism I got a call that she might need a special interview because her father was a polygamist. It was too late to call anyone to do the interview, so we had to wait until morning. In the morning we rushed to her house so someone could do the interview over the phone. Then the interviewer told us we would have to wait another half hour, which was exactly when the baptism was supposed to start. Yikes! So we decided to head to the chapel where we met our ward mission leader. Turns out someone had shut off all of the water in the church building due to a leak. Satan did not want this baptism to happen. Luckily we were able to bring a hose in from outside to fill the font. When sister Theresa got to the chapel we called the special interviewer who informed us that she in fact did not need a special interview. What?! Our mission leader kept telling us we should postpone the baptism, but I was determined to baptize Theresa. In the end everything came together and we had a lovely baptismal service. As she was immersed in the water I had the greatest feeling of calm wash over me. Truly, the Lord provides a way for His work to go forward.
          Right now watermelon and mangoes are in season. They are so delicious and so cheap. I need to start making smoothies every night! We have also started experiencing a lot of power outages lately. It is depressing to get home hot and sweaty and to find that you have no fan. Oh well. At least I have my handheld fan (thanks mom). 
          I am out of time for today. I love you all so much and I am grateful for all that you do. I pray that you all have a blessed week!
Elder Radmall

 P-day volleyball

Elder Bodily and Elder Radmall

Questions from Kurt:
Q. How have you recently seen the priesthood bless someone's life?
I was blessed to witness two baptisms this week as well as some children being named. It was sweet to see blessings being pronounced upon these individuals so long as they remain faithful to God.
Q. What is the meanest thing someone has done to you on your mission?
A bunch of young men threw a sachet of water at my head. It broke and poured all over me. I guess it was somewhat refreshing though.
Q. What prophecy from the scriptures about our day has recently struck you the most?
Today I was studying all about old testament prophecies of our day. Many of the prophets have spoken of the earth become wicked like Babylon of old. As Babylon gave way to evil and idolatrous practices they fell apart. The same fate has been promised to the nations of our time if they fail to heed the warnings of the Lord which come through His prophets. 

Questions from Christie:
Q. What made you laugh this week?
Haha when a giant spider crawled out of my shoe. Haha... ha... not really. I hate spiders so much.
Q. What was the best thing you ate this week? 
Today at our zone conference they fed us all SANDWICHES and fried rice. We had to pay for it, but it was awesome. I miss sandwiches with lunch meat and lots of vegetables.
Q. Who was a good example to you this week? 
Bro. Seade, an old man in our ward. He lives in the tiniest little shack with his daughter. After insisting we eat some of their food, he told us he had just been to weed the yard of a sister who is living with no husband to support her. This man has nothing as far as worldy possessions are concerned, but he still constantly looks for opportunities to serve. I about started crying.
Q. Who did you serve this week? 
I guess Sister Theresa as we helped her on the road to her baptism.
Q. Who served you this week? 
The ward mission leader in our ward. He helped us out a lot with the baptism and other things.
Q. How is your health? 
Q. What was your favorite scripture this week?
Mosiah 3:19.

Questions from Mom:
Q. How often do you meet polygamists?
Like never. Mostly it is the chiefs that seem to practice it. 
Q. Are you able to teach polygamists, and, if so, what do you teach them about polygamy?
Yeah. I think we have to get special permission first. I guess you just have to be bold and let them know what the Lord has said about polygamy in our day.
Q. Are there any polygamists in any of the wards or branches you have served in?
Nope... at least not that I know of.
Q. What are your plans for your birthday?
I don't know. Maybe I will buy some fried rice and a cupcake.
Q. Do you have a calling in the ward?
No. Our ward is very blessed with a lot of very capable people to serve in all of the needed callings.
Q. How many missionaries serve your ward, or do you serve more than one ward?
We are the only two for our ward. Most of the wards in Ghana have one set of missionaries.
Q. What was your funniest moment this week?
I was trying to be a ninja by jumping across a puddle of mud, but I am not a ninja. I ruined my poor shoe. It was pretty funny.

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. Felicity asked if they have cakes in Ghana for your birthday. Do they sell cakes there?
Yeah, but they are very expensive and they don't taste that nice. Ghanaians really don't like sugar.
Q. What food do they eat there when celebrating a birthday?
I guess that depends on the person. They eat rice a lot.
Q. Did you get any of your birthday packages and cards from the kiddos?
I got two packages and a few letters. I haven't opened them yet.
Q. Do you feel older?
NO!! I refuse to be 19.
Q. What was the most joyful moment of your week?
Seeing Sister Theresa baptized!
Q. What new food did you try this week?
I didn't try anything knew, but I made jellouf rice for the first time. It was delicious. You just cook rice in a stew. So good!

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