Monday, March 21, 2016

Elder Radmall Takes on the City

Bryan will be transferred to Nungua this week.
A beach area in Nungua (taken from the internet.)

Dearest Family and Friends,
          Oh my goodness! It has finally happened. I have been transferred. After 9 months I will be leaving my beloved Koforidua. I will miss this place so much. It has become my second home and I have truly come to love the people here, but I know that the Lord has plans for me to go and learn to love new people in a new place. I will be going to Accra. My area is called Nungua (not sure how to spell it). I will go either tomorrow or on Thursday. I have heard great things about the area. There is even a mall there!! That means I can get American food! My companion is some elder from Zimbabwe. I can't remember his name. I am anxious, but also very excited for this chance to experience a new part of Ghana. 
          Also this week we had a missionary fireside! It was sweet. I was pretty worried that things wouldn't work out and it would end up a big mess, but in the end we let the Spirit guide us through it and it turned out great! I just wish that more of our branch had been there to experience it. We even provided refreshments afterwards. This week I ate a lot of free food, including two HUGE servings of fufu yesterday. The members here are too nice and they give so willingly. Today we had a zone activity at a little park in Koforidua. It was nice to just play some games and relax with missionary friends. Sister Taylor even made us some churros! 
          I apologize for the lack of pictures. I wasn't able to get my camera cord today. I promise some sweet ones next week. I love you all so much more than I can say and I miss you. I know that the Savior lives and loves us all perfectly. He suffered and died for all of us. Because of Him, we shall all live again. I love Him.
Elder Radmall

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. How is Sister Rosslyn?
She is alright. She is staying with her sister in Accra right now, so I sadly won't get to say goodbye to her. :(
Q. Who taught your zone training?
Our zone leaders.
Q. Have you been sick at all since being in Ghana?
Yes! This week I experienced some pretty bad runny tummy (diarrhea), and a bit of a fever. I am getting better though.
Q. How is the weather this week?
This week there has been a lot of rain. It's nice because it cools things down, but it also means lots of mud to bike through.
Q. Do you use water filters or boil all the water that you use? You do this for all cooking and drinking water right?
We have a water filter attached to our sink that we use for all drinking/cooking water.
Q. What was your favorite lesson with an investigator this week? What was the lesson on?
We taught a man named Gabriel this week about the apostasy and he really seemed to get it. He even asked where the church of Jesus Christ is today! He has been coming to church and I think he will get baptized in the near future.

Questions from Mom:
Q. How many vitamins do you have left and do you take them every day?
I take them each morning. I LOVE my chewy vitamins. They make me so happy. I have enough to last me another couple of months.
Q. What lesson did you teach this week that really touched your heart?
I taught temple prep in our branch and I really felt the importance and the beauty of temples. They are the House of the Lord.
Q. What service did you give this week?
This week I didn't give enough service I guess. We helped with the chapel cleaning on Saturday. We also walked an old man home after church. I can't believe he walks to and from church! It was like a twenty minute walk.
Q. How did you like your Easter packages???
I loved them! Thank you very much. I am especially excited for my jelly beans. It wouldn't be Easter without them.

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