Monday, January 11, 2016

Six months already!!

 Sunset during Harmattan.
(A dry, dusty easterly or northeasterly wind on the West African coast, occurring from December to February.)


Elder Itepu excited for dinner.

Dearly beloved people,
          It has been an exhausting week full of spiritual growth and learning. We were blessed this week to have some great members go out proselyting with us. We are still trying to find great new people to teach who will keep their commitments and follow. We have two new investigators in Nkurakan named Emmanuel and Monica. They are married with a couple of kids. I love them. They are such humble people and they are totally willing to listen to all we have to say. We taught them the message of the Restoration. Sadly, they can't read, so we will have to read the Book of Mormon with them. We have a new elder in the apartment. Elder Adeleye is from Nigeria and he is a very cool guy. He is obsessed with cleanliness which I guess is probably a good thing for our apartment. He has been out 15 months and I am excited to get to know him better.
          On Thursday night we found ourselves at the chapel with nothing to do. All of our appointments had failed and we still had a lot of time before we needed to return to the apartment. I was at a loss. Then I felt prompted to pray as a companionship for guidance and inspiration. As we did so we were lead to contact some really good people whom we will teach this week. I know that God hears and answers all of our prayers. He won't necessarily appear to us or send an angel to us, but he will send the Spirit to comfort and direct us as we have faith.
          Now for the exciting things this week. We had family home evening with Sister Sophia's family. Her children spent hours preparing fried rice and spring rolls for us. It was delicious of course! Our sister missionaries in our district were robbed and one of them even sustained some minor injuries. Yikes! I saw a man walking not a dog, not a cat, but a baboon. Say what!?!? 
          I am so grateful for the continual support and prayers from all of you. I don't know that I deserve it all of the time, but I sure do need it. I know that God is aware of His children and their needs. Never hesitate to turn to Him. I love you all so much!! Have a great week!
Elder Radmall

Questions from Mother
Q. How often do you see crocodiles? (His mother saw one on a you tube video that showed the St. Joseph hospital grounds in Koforidua.)
Never! I would love to see one though, so I'll keep my eyes open.
Q. What new food did you try this week?
Nothing new. I had a lot of rice, bread, eggs, and some nice fufu. I am actually in love with fufu.
Q. What new words have you learned this week?
This isn't new, but if you want to say cool in Twi you say boko.
Q. Can you speak any Twi?
Yes! Quite a bit actually. Ghanaian people love their languages. They are all eager to teach me and I love learning it.
Q. When did you feel the spirit this week?
As I took the sacrament and really reflected on how much the Savior suffered for all of us. I spent some time this week studying Christlike attributes. It was a great chance to reflect on how I can be more like Him. I would encourage everyone to study that as much as you can.

Questions from Christie
Q. What made you laugh this week?
Having children shout amen throughout our prayer before leaving the apartment in the morning.
Q. What was hard this week?
Going through changes. I felt like I was just adjusting to my missionary life, and now it's been tossed up again. But I know that through it the Lord is strengthening and teaching me.
Q. Is it still windy and sandy/dusty? 
YES! It is not very fun, but it's livable. Everyone is Ghana is just slightly sick with a cough.
Q. What scripture stood out to you this week?
Mosiah 27: 28-29. It teaches so much about the power of repentance in our lives.

Questions from TeriAnn
Q. What was the highlight of your week?
Teaching Emmanuel and Monica. We don't usually have a lot of lessons with a husband and wife. It was a delight!
Q. How are the new changes with transfers being done?
They are weird, but I am adjusting alright. It's a part of the work!
Q. How is the weather there now? Still hot and dusty?
Yes indeed!
Q. What was the best lesson you taught this week?
Our lesson with Emmanuel and Monica on the Restoration.
Q. What has been hard this week?
This week I had a hard time getting my mind away from home, but the Lord helped me to stay mostly focused on the work.

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