Monday, August 10, 2015

Time Flies!

A selfie of yours truly. (The sign behind him.....)
 My bedroom. 
 Some flowers on our way to town. 
 Ghanian Dish.
 Our church building. 

The view out of our apartment. 
Dear Family and Friends,

         Saturday was my one month mark!!! How did that happen so fast? I'm sorry I had to cut my email short last week! I didn't realize the internet cafe closed at 5. This week I should get my full time. I can never thank all of you enough for your continual support. Your letters and prayers are more strengthening to me than you can fully understand. I had a significant change over the last week. For a while thinking about home would just about bring me to tears. Now it just makes me smile to think of so many wonderful people who I know love me. Being here in Ghana has made me appreciate everything I have in my life so much more. And I smile when I think about all of the milkshakes I will have to catch up on when I get back. :)
          Now for some information on my week. I feel like every day is hotter than the last! But I have actually been enjoying the heat and humidity more than I thought I would. My skin is so smooth. Anyways, me and Elder Grissignon had another fantastic week. We have some great investigators we are teaching right now, and we continue to find many wonderful people each week. We had another wonderful trip up to Huhunya. I can't express to you just how much I love going there. We have a fantastic branch missionary, Emmanuel, who lives up there and helps us to teach. He can translate what we say into Twi for those who can't understand English. There is a man named Joshua who lives up there we have been working with. He comes to church every week! That's expensive for people with so little money. We are planning to baptize him on the 23 of this month! If we can get around ten members of the church in Huhunya we think President Heid will authorize them to start a branch up there. How cool would that be??
           I am actually pretty amazed that I have been able to survive and even thrive here in Africa! God is so good. I actually really love the food here. They make this amazing stew that they put on all of their rice. And it's a good thing I like the food, because I am ALWAYS hungry. It feels like I eat nonstop all day. Another huge blessing in my life right now are two members who live close to our apartment, Sister Rosslyn and Sister Janet. They buy and cook food for us all the time, which is stopping me from spending my money too quickly. They are such funny ladies. We visit with them frequently. And while we're talking about food, I should tell you about our fridge. When I got here it was absolutely disgusting, so I took initiative. I bought some cleaner and I made that fridge spotless! My mother should be proud. 
          Here is some other random information about Ghana and my mission that I wrote down to write about. Most of the people in Koforidua are trilangual! They speak English, Twi, and honking. Honking is seriously its own language. Everybody honks ceaselessly, even if they have no reason to do so. And tell Addison that there are lots of beads here! They have a big market every Thursday, where they sell beads and other crafts. I will make sure to get some. Along every street there are many little shops. Most of them sell the same items such as basic food and some candy. The lizards here are huge compared to anything we have in Utah! They are like as big as Geofrey was! I think that Harrison would be way jealous of how much biking I get to do, and a lot of it is pretty much mountain biking. Anytime that you are interacting with another person in Ghana you MUST use your right hand. Waving, giving money, taking food all has to be done with the right hand. It is considered pretty offensive to use the left hand for any of those things, which I find rather amusing.
          Well, I will stop dragging on with this really long letter. One last thing. My companion is strongly hoping to get into BYU and I hope he does as well. If he does he will be starting school in January and one of the first places he will visit in Utah is our house. I told him that my mom will make him fantastic food!
           I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is truly Christ's church upon the earth today. God loves and knows each of us as His children. He has a plan for us to return to live with Him one day. The power of the Atonement is both real and infinite. Each and every one of us needs it. Turn to the Savior in all things and He will prepare a way for you. I love you all soooo much and I continue to pray for you daily!
           -Elder Radmall

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