Monday, January 23, 2017

The Rains Came Down and the Lights Went Out

Hello Family and Friends!

I hope y'all had a splendid week. My week was crazy and awesome and wet and hot. Brother Ofori has traveled, so we weren't able to meet with him this week. Hopefully he is still reading the BoM! We are also teaching a woman named Doris. She is a great sister with an adorable two year old son. She has been coming to church for a long time and really wants to be baptized, 
but we are waiting for the father of the child to come back from Accra so we can talk to him about marriage. I am praying that all will be able to go through! Then there is Godwin. He is the brother of a member in our branch. He can't understand English all that well, but he has been coming to church and says he wants to be baptized as well. This week we taught him all how much Heavenly Father loves him and how the Gospel can bless his life. Being a missionary is great. You get to know and love so many different people. 

Here is the excitement for the week. December, January, and February are Harmattan in Ghana. That means it is dry and dusty with no rain. Well, Ghana decided that it didn't want to follow the norm this year. Saturday night while we were out proselyting we saw some huge storm clouds rolling in. We decided that it would be a good time to ride to a gas station for a little snack. That was a good choice. While in the gas station it started POURING rain. This was some of the heaviest rain I have seen in my life. The sky was lit with lightning and the thunder was shaking the building. 

The storm didn't last long, but as a result of the rain they shut off the power in Kpong. I woke up Sunday morning at about 3 am and I thought I was blind. It was pitch black. I could barely see my hand in front of my face. Sunday evening they brought the power back... then it rained again and the blackout returned. Yikes. Light is a blessing I used to take for granted. I am so grateful to have lights to help us see in the dark. I am far more grateful for the Light of the World. I know that the Savior shines through any sin, challenge, or fear. He is there to light our way back to Heavenly Father. I love Him and I am grateful to be in His service. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Elder Radmall

Questions from TeriAnn:
Q. What are you most excited to eat when you get home?
A grasshopper milkshake and a huge double cheeseburger. Also pizza. And lasagna. And rolls. And barbecue chicken, waffles, real ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, bagels, Subway, a cafe Rio pork quesadilla, bacon... I think about food a lot. 
Q. What's your least favorite task in your life right now?
Giving instructions in meetings. It's the worst! 
Q. How many times do you say awesome in a week?
Probably like 1000. 
Q. Who's your favorite blonde haired sister? 
That's a tough one! I can't decide. 

Questions from Mom:
Q. What are your two favorite things about Elder Winborg?  Has he always been a member?
He is always positive and he is very obedient. He has been a member his whole life. 
Q. Are you the senior zone leader?
Well, let's just say if president needs to chastise us he will probably call me. :)
Q. What are some of your responsibilities as zone leader?
We report numbers for the zone each week as well as holding a zone training each month. We also go on exchanges with the district leaders in our zone. 
Q. What was your funniest moment of the week?
A senior couple assigned to the Africa West Area were at our chapel on Sunday. We also have this crazy guy named Speed who comes to church every week. He likes to go and dance in front of everyone during sacrament meeting. As soon as he saw the senior couple his interest was sparked. He was trying to climb into the back of their car and they had no idea what to do. My companion and I had to go and lead him away. Haha Americans are funny.

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