Monday, June 19, 2017

Farewell Ghana, Welcome Home

From President Heid, who writes a weekly epistle to his missionaries, and which they forward on to their parents.  Thank you President Heid!!  

153 Heid Epistle   11 June 2017

Beloved Mission Family,

Just when I thought that it would be very selfish of me to spend time writing an epistle when I have 18(!) departure interviews to do, the prompting came to me that the epistle is already written—by Elder Radmall.  This kind member of the family has allowed me to share his final testimony, which I have printed along with other “keeper letters” that I will probably read over and over at a rest home in years to come!

His testimony catches the vision of what we hope will happen as you serve your God, and become converted yourselves.  The irony of it is that we can only become converts if we forget about ourselves and lose our lives in the service of others.  Bless all of you as you seek to become disciples of Christ, and apply those Saintly attributes that we recite regularly in Mosiah 3:19.
(His testimony is in the previous post.)

One might ask, how in the world can the mission survive without such an elder?  Well, it is quite simple.  The Lord moves others into his place!

Final Photo with President and Sister Heid

President Heid giving a final talk to the 18 missionaries going home on June 12th.

Listening to the mission president for the last time.

Group photos.

Bags packed, heading to the airport.

 5 moms waiting for their African sons.
 Excited nieces and nephew.
 The plane has landed (coming from Amsterdam.)
 First hug.

 Meeting nephew Winston for the first time.
 TeriAnn, so excited to have her brother back again!!

 Grandma Terry
 A well traveled and dusty suitcase.

Well done, sons of Helaman.  Ghana and her people will always be a part of them.

Bryan had this suit tailored by a member in Ghana.  

 First glass of milk.

 Grandma Baumgarten
 LaDawn Ludlow, neighbor Grandma.

 Brother Seth, putting up the banner.
 With President Atoa, just after his release. 
We love you Bryan.  Thank you for your service and your example.  We have learned so much from your service and from your journey through Ghana as you taught of Jesus Christ and his atonement.  

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